Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Scarlet (Scarlet #1)Title: Scarlet
Author: A.C. Gaughen
Genre: YA, Historical Fiction, Action, Adventure, Romance
Series: Scarlet #1 (No idea when the next book is coming out)
Rating: Owl
Other books you might enjoy: Robin: Lady of Legend, The Agency Series, Cross my Heart, Venom

Let me start out with this. Robin Hood is my absolute favorite myth/legend/fable/whatever else it may be called. I’ve read one other Robin Hood book (Robin: Lady of Legend) which was really good. So going into this book I was worried the author might butcher the story. Well the good news is that she didn’t. There were things that I didn’t like so much, but there was so much that I ADORED!! So here’s my breakdown:
Scarlet is one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. (In the original tale she is known as Will Scarlet) The thing is she is neither a man nor is she merry. She has a very mysterious background and is pretty awesome with knives. She and the others are working to undermine the Sheriff. (Obviously) She is also a thief and a good one at that. When the Thief Taker, Guy of Gisbourne, comes to town in search of Robin Hood, she must face her past.
1. Ummmm, it’s a retelling of Robin Hood. Need I say more?
2. Scarlet=awesomeness. I loved her because any character that can fend for herself, steal, and throw knives is A-okay in my book! On top of that I love that she was so complex. She had a good reason for all of her actions.
3. The twist!! Okay I saw it coming, but my mom didn’t. But, I still loved it. I thought it was fantastic and the author built up a great suspense for it and then BAM. Really, Really, Really good.
4. The language. At first I was worried I was going to be distracted by the way the author chose to write the book, but in the end I LOVED IT. The only other book I think the writing compares to is Blood Red Road. (Which I really want to read)
5. Robin Hood. I loved Robin. He really is just fantastic. He cares about all of the townspeople and his men, too.
6. Little John. He was great and I just really liked him. The portrayal of him really fit who I always thought he would be.
7. I absolutely loved Much and how the author wrote him. I just thought he was great!!
1. Scarlet kind of played both John and Robin. I get that she didn’t really know her own feelings, but I still felt bad for John, although he was kind of a player.
2. Robin annoyed me at points, when he got all mad a Scarlet, I just couldn’t figure out why he didn’t let her at least explain herself.
3. The end. Not the end, end, but the close to the end part. It made me a bit angry, though it makes sense why the author chose to write it that way so she could continue the series.
4. I never understood what was mysterious about Scarlet’s eyes. Were they a funny color, shape, or like what? I just don’t get it.
Scarlet was really good. The kind of good that makes you want to smile all day. The kind of good that makes you not be able to fall asleep until you have read and soaked in. (A problem which seems hereditary in my family because both my mom and I stayed up until two or three in the morning to finish it.) Well, you probably get my point, about how good this book is. Let’s face it, Robin Hood is a really good story and deserves to be read about. This book lived up to my hopes (and dreams) and was simply INCREDIBLE!!
WILL I READ THE NEXT BOOK: YES!!!(No, idea when it will come out though.) WILL I READ MORE BY THIS AUTHOR: YES

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