Thursday, April 4, 2013


So I don't think that hard about rating a book. I either LOVE IT, LIKE IT, OR HATE IT. So normally I don't have much to think about...
A LOVE IT book gets five stars
A LIKE IT book gets three (sometimes four) stars
A HATE IT book gets two stars
I RARELY ever give books one star and I NEVER have given a book zero stars. (And I don't plan to)
So that leads me to the question at hand; What makes me love a book???
So to answer that queston here is my list of requirments:

1.) The book has to keep me reading. Not in the sense where I'll read it in one sitting, (because that would eliminate a lot of books that I love from getting five stars, ex. Code Name Verity, Seraphina, ect.) but in the sense that if I put it down, I'll keep thinking about it and wondering what will happen even if I'm not in the reading mood. Until finally I give in and go back to it. (This can also occur in books I dislike because I'll just want to get it over with so I can move on.)

2.) There has to be something happening. Not always action-wise, (although action is always good) but where there is something going on besides a character explaining for a WHOLE chapter the surroundings. (cough, cough, Grapes of Wrath)

3.) Really good Main Characters. If the main character is a wimp and is always whining about this and that, then the rating drops. (Embrace) I want to read about characters who are brave and selfless, with maybe a few problems that hinder the progression of the novel. (Katsa in Graceling) Strong protaginists make a strong book.

4.) The concept. This is an obvious one. If I didn't like the concept to begin with then it will make it harder for me to actually enjoy the book. (I can't think of an example BECAUSE I don't really read books I won't enjoy.)

5.) The setting. This one is weird, but if I don't like the setting I won't like the book. Settings can effect SO MUCh in a book, like the cultures and the actions of the characters. (Like if the Hunger Games occured far up north (northern Canada) then chances are the people in the districts would have frozen to death)

6.) The writing style. Sometimes the way an author writes will make me dislike the book. (City of Bones) I mean you have times when you switch from third to a book with first, but you get used to it. Or when you read a book like Blood Red Road, where the author purposely chose to write the way the characters speak, but still you get used to it. No, what bugs me is Similes and Metaphors. Yes most books will have them. Yes I will read those books. BUT when you have one practically every paragraph saying the sky looks like soft butter or the storm is a raging horse, I can't handle it. I DON'T CARE, to me the sky is a sky (although comparing it to butter does help the image in my head, but saying the storm is a raging horse. UMMMMMM, NO!! It is a horse. (So I guess I hate metaphors more than Similies. (This is a reason why I hate poems. Stop trying to make me see something that is not there.)

7.) Length. Length DOES NOT intimidate me at all. (No matter what my English teacher wants to believe.) In fact I love long books the most as long as there is always something happening. I have nothing against really short books either. I really like novellas, but they must feel as though I actually read a story. When a book is too short and doesn't cover all that it should, rating drops. When a book is super long, but isn't action packed, rating drops. If the book is fast-paced and the story is fully told and it's long, ding, ding ding, five stars. If the book is fast paced and the story is told reasonably well, rating is four or five stars. I normally never give a novella five stars unless it is nothing short of amazing or is connected to a series.Why? Because the connection I feel between characters is not there.

So all of these reasons combined create one thing. Enjoyment. Enjoyment is vital. If there is no enjoyment, then there are less stars. So there you go. Those are my reasons why I give the books that I give five stars.


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