Thursday, May 16, 2013

Silent Harmony

Title: Silent Harmony
Author: Michele Scott
Genre: YA, Mystery, Suspense, Horses
Series: Fairmont Riding Academy #1
Received via Netgalley
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing
Recommended for 15 and up. (Drinking,  sexual references, swearing)
Published: May 28th
Rating: Bison

When I first saw the cover I was interested. It has been a while since I picked up a book on horses. And it sounded like a step up from Heartland, Chestnut Hill, and Canterwood Crest, the series that I had previously read. (I loved Heartland and Chestnut Hill and Canterwood crest was okay.) And then I read the summary and it sounded AMAZING. I mean horses and a murder with a girl who is like a Doctor Doolittle with horses... And there were parts I loved, but there were parts I really didn't like...

Vivienne Taylor may come from a small town, but she dreams big. Her one goal in life is to become an Olympic Rider, but that's not all. Viv is the equivalent of Dr. Doolittle, except for the fact that the only animal's minds she can read are horses. After getting the chance of the lifetime she leaves her small town of Albany, Oregon and heads to Fairmont Academy in Southern California. There she hopes to follow her dreams and achieve the beginning steps to becoming an Olympic Rider. Moments after arriving she realizes she has been immersed into the world of rich kids, who are total jerks. Things get worse for Viv when she realizes her horse Harmony, has suffered trauma after seeing her owner and school vet die. Harmony slowly lets Viv learn her secret and Viv realizes that there was more to the death of Dr. Miller than everyone originally believes. Viv also has to deal with the abuse of her peers and trying to make new friends.   
(Summary via me. The GoodReads summary sucks, but I doubt mine is too much better.)
1.) I really liked Vivienne. She was a strong character who wasn't scared of the evil new kids in her school. Instead of conforming to what everyone else was, she stayed her own person. 
2.) I really liked the opening chapter. I loved reading about the horse and the author wrote that scene very vividly. I liked learning about all of the technical terms of what was happening to the horse.
3.) I loved that Viv could read horses minds. It was a cool gift and it was really unique. 
4.) I liked Riley. He was a really cool character. 
5.) I love mysteries and I loved how Viv was involved in the mystery of the vet's death. I loved how her gift played such an important role in the mystery.
6.) I really wanted to find out Riley and Tristan's secrets. Both had secrets and they really kept you reading. So that was definitely good!
7.) There were some things left open at the end of the book, making it possible for a sequel or series. They weren't big cliff hangers, but it's enough to make you want to pick up the next book!
1.) Random third Person POV. This is just me, but I am not a big fan of third person. I never can get into the book. So when it started off with Viv's POV in first person I loved it, but then there were these random chapters from Riley and Tristan's POVs. They were just so weird. There didn't seem to be a pattern to them either.
2.) Riley and Tristan, although intriguing, were gross. I mean ewwww. I would have liked them so much more if I didn't have to be in there minds.
3.) The popular crowd was so cliched. You've read the same thing a million times in these books. The popular girls are rich smart and awesome riders. It is always like that. These girls didn't even have redeeming qualities, they were just evil!
4,) The ending was way to quick! It was like, ooohhhh killer. Boom, crash, kissing. .........WEIRD.......
This was a really enjoyable read. It was kind of predictable and there were parts that totally disgusted me, but I liked the overall book. I will definitely be checking the next book in the series out!
WOULD I READ THIS BOOK: YES, It was a fun read
WOULD I BUY THIS BOOK: If I was in the mood for something light
WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK: To those who don't mind the grossness of the guys and who like horses and murder. 
WILL I READ MORE BY THIS AUTHOR: YES, I am interested to know how her writing evolves.


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  1. Horses are the most sensitive animal on earth; they could know your heart because they are belong in prey animals. The simple rustle of paper or plastic bag sounds a roaring tiger to them. Having horses in movies or books are my favorite concept of the story. I am now excited for this book. Hope that I could find websites with eBook deals.


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