Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Book Detective #1

The Book Detective is a weekly post hosted by Divergent Gryffindor.
In this post a topic is given and you have to name your favorite books under said topic! So here it goes!


Ohhhhh, I love Mythology!! I can never seem to find enough books on the topic! Here are my picks:

Of course there is the obvious: 

And then there is The Alchemyst (A personal favorite of mine)

And then there are the other books...

The Goddess Test

                                                             Touch of Frost

And then there are the ones I've yet to read, but am dying to!!!


                                                          Vengeance Bound

Sweet Venom

So what mythology books do you LOVE??


  1. Ah good old Percy Jackson. I've heard a few of the other books featured, but haven't read them yet. Great Picks! I love Mythology, so its nice to be introduced to some new series around the subject. Thanks for sharing :)

    Old follower via bloglovin'

  2. Thanks for participating! I think everyone loves Percy Jackson :) That's the first thing that comes to mind when people say myth book :)


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