Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday #8

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This weeks topic is:

So I chose to pick my top ten books that made me cry!! (I'm not actually sure I can think of ten, but I'm going to try!)

1.) I mention this book way too much, but it is only because I LOVE IT SO!!! This was the last book that made me cry!

2.) Okay the last Harry Potter book was so sad and so good! And because I'm sentimental (about books anyways) every time I read it, by the end I will have cried....A LOT...

3.) As I mentioned above when a favorite series ends I tend to cry...

4.) This didn't make me cry, but I was so sad it was over, especially with an ending like that. The story was so good and the characters were so easy to connect to!!!

5.) This was so epically awesome!! And there were parts that I did not see come and made me cry, but then there was an awesome twist that made me smile again!!

6.) This book just blew me away and I was so sad it was over!!

7.) This book was so sweet and cute. There were some really emotional moments and it was so easy to feel the characters pain!

8.) I remember reading this book when I was really little and crying my eyes out at the end. It was an amazing book though!

9.) Okay I really can't think of anything else that made me cry in a good way. So these next few I cried because they were so bad.

This book may have also made me cry because I didn't understand and was getting really bad grades on the tests and quizzes. So that might be a better reason....

10.) This book.....BLAH...Sorry if you liked it, but I couldn't finish it. It just goes to show that schools DO NOT know how to pick good reading material...

So those are some books that made me cry (and not always in a positive way)!!



  1. Great list, I loved The Last Olympian and I'm actually almost finished reading Perfect Scoundrels which I love so far as well.

    1. Ahhh! Perfect Scoundrels was AMAZING!! Happy reading!

  2. You seem to be easily moved, and that is an awesome trait. I often connect with characters in books so much that no one around me understands. The last book that made me cry was The Fault in Our Stars, which is amazing in every way, but is also a love story between teenagers with cancer. If you haven't read it you're in for a tearful but beautiful journey.

    1. I actually don't cry that easy, unless I'm really tired which is when I normally have time to read ! LOL! But some books just have that ability to make me sit there and cry....A LOT!!! Thanks for visiting!!

  3. LOVED the twist you put on your last two picks, and have to agree that (in general) schools don't know how to pick books. I lucked out by having a pretty forward-thinking school that actually gave us choices when it came to literature. I had a semester of "Sci-Fi and Fantasy" (Ray Bradbury, etc.) and another focusing on "Mystery" (Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, etc.). I wish more schools did stuff like this.

    I'm also going to agree with your Harry Potter and Statistical choices - I cried A LOT with the first and shed a few with the second.

    Erin @ YA Book Crush

    1. I wish my school did something like that! Instead my teacher has us read every book that she loves, and so far this year, I don't like any of them...except for Night.....Thanks for stopping by!


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