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Monthly Recap

JUNE IS OVER!!! Can you believe it??? I seriously can't!!!! So I once again have not done much reading or reviewing, NUT I have good reasons. First of all, FINALS!!! They are over and done with, but they always stress me out and I can't read. And also I obsessively began to watch Fringe and Heartland which are AMAZING shows, but seriously distract me from reading!!! Anyhow, this is what I've done on the blog this past month!!!

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier
Click to Subscribe by L.M. Augustine
The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard
Rewrite Redemption by J.H. Walker
Live Long and Prospero by Scott Pixcello

That is a sad amount of reviews! Yikes.....

Also Known AsOkay, it took me a while to narrow down my pick, but Also Known As by Robin Benway was AMAZING!!! And you should definitely check it out if your into spy books!!

The Forgotten Ones (The Danaan Trilogy, #1)Sapphire Blue (The Ruby Red Trilogy, #2)

The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard
Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier
Which are both AMAZING, as well!

I did a few interviews with different authors including Cindy Lyle who wrote the Dragon Within, Donna Hawk author of Where Darkness Walks and Scott Pixcello who wrote Live Long and Prospero.

July 3rd-Play with Me/Ryan Hunter by Piper Shelly-Review
July 14th-Embracing the Flames by Candace Knoebel-Review
July 24th-Cassie Scot, ParaNormal Detective by Christine Amsden-Review
July 28th-Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly Review

I am participating in the Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon fro July 1st to July 7th, so that should be fun! I also have several reviews that I have already written and am picking dates to post, so YAY for that!

SO that is a recap of the lovely month of June and as a warning I will be away from July 8th to 1 3th. I have posts scheduled so if you comment or contact me, I will not be answering for a while. Like really, I will have no internet access....It's going to be pretty weird! Thanks for reading my rambles! Until next time, Earthlings!!!   ;)

Live Long and Prospero

Live Long and Prospero
Title: Live Long and Prospero
Author: Scott Pixello
Genre: YA, Humor
Rating: Whale
Received through RABT-this review was not effected in any way shape or form

1983. The Grange Lighthouse, just off the western coast of the UK. Nearest human habitation- New York. Principal Lighthousekeeper James Church settles down to his usual breakfast of whisky and cornflakes. Not together. He has some standards- particularly low ones that he constantly fails to live up to. Into his well-ordered universe comes a scientist to study the nearby puffin colony. This leads Church, and his crew of social misfits, who are forced to share their Captain’s unhealthy obsession with Star Trek, on a strange journey featuring a nasty gang of drug dealers, a surprising undersea discovery and a hamster called Steve.
This is a Young Adult novel with slightly more emphasis on the ‘Adult’ (14+) than previous books by Scott Pixello but not in the sense of being any more grown-up.
Think The Tempest meets Star Trek.

Please note, this is a novella, and priced accordingly.
Like Billy Crystal, Gromit and Boris Johnson’s hair, it may be a bit short but it’s still funny.
(Summary via Goodreads)
This was a book that I would normally never read. I normally don't read a lot of humor, but the summary was so interesting that I had to check it out. And I'm glad I did. The characters were extremely funny and it was a really fun light read.
I did not get some of the jokes, but I still really was able to enjoy the book. The novella was filled with sooooo many completely unrealistic events, but somehow the author managed to pull it off and make the whole experience extremely entertaining!
I did have a lot of trouble keeping the different characters straight. I suck with names and it took me a while (practically the whole book) to figure out who was who and what person did what.
Overall I found this to be a fun read that had some really interesting references!
WOULD I BUY THIS BOOK: Perhaps....It would depend on my mood
WOULD I READ THIS BOOK: YES. I found this to be a nice read.
WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK: To those who like books that involve humor and are completely unrealistic.
WILL I READ MORE BY THIS AUTHOR: Most likely. The book was fun and the next time I need a quick fun read I might look at some of his other books.


Interview with Scott Pixello: Author of Live Long and Prospero

Today on the blog, I have an Author interview with Scott Pixello the author of Live Long and Prospero.

1983. The Grange Lighthouse, just off the western coast of the UK. Nearest human habitation- New York. Principal Lighthousekeeper James Church settles down to his usual breakfast of whisky and cornflakes. Not together. He has some standards- particularly low ones that he constantly fails to live up to. Into his well-ordered universe comes a scientist to study the nearby puffin colony. This leads Church, and his crew of social misfits, who are forced to share their Captain’s unhealthy obsession with Star Trek, on a strange journey featuring a nasty gang of drug dealers, a surprising undersea discovery and a hamster called Steve.
This is a Young Adult novel with slightly more emphasis on the ‘Adult’ (14+) than previous books by Scott Pixello but not in the sense of being any more grown-up.
Think The Tempest meets Star Trek.

You can find my review here.

Q:   Where did you come up with the inspiration for your book? (Okay that's pretty basic, but what ever)
A: I’ve often thought of lighthouses as quite otherworldly kinds of places, like time capsules. They’re places which are often 100s of years old, set in landscape that is beautiful and scary in equal measure and where you have to live a completely self-contained lifestyle, cut off from the rest of the world. It’s a bit like being in space (funnily enough, one of my current other writing projects). I’m also interested in environments where characters can exert almost complete control to indulge their weirdest paranoid fantasies and then have that turned upside down when someone from outside disrupts the perfect equilibrium they have created. And I think puffins are cute too.

Q:  What authors inspire you? Do you think they have influenced your writing? Provided you with a greater           
inspiration? What's a book/author that changed your life?
A:  I come back to contemporary greats like Margaret Attwood and Salman Rushdie from time to time. They’re like the most luxurious food you can imagine. I still mark texts with a pencil from when I was at school and whenever I read really good, high-powered fiction, I’m marking almost every other sentence with some kind of note. Like rich food, I can’t consume this all the time and I like fast food too (this simile/metaphor’s running out of steam a bit) but you need a varied diet in all things- food, music & books too. That’s really what I object to about genre fiction. It’s like eating just one kind of vegetable- I’ve nothing against mushrooms but a diet of just that? No thanks.
     Books that changed my life? Not sure. A DJ maybe. A bit Old Skool for your readers? Individual books can give you something extra to chew on. I remember being wowed by George Eliot’s Middlemarch and not just coz George is female and the book itself weighs about as much as a small truck. I think it’s around chapter 11, you go to a dinner party with one character and during the conversation, you somehow hook up with another and leave with them. Neat stuff like that, I remember. Realizing in American Psycho that characters we’d ‘seen’ murdered, were still alive, i.e. that narrators can lie (ooh yes, I like that). That writers use incomplete or ungrammatical sentences that would make your teachers freak. It’s all good.

Q: How long did it take you to write Live Long and Prospero?
A: The version that I’ve published seems to have appeared very quickly but it went through a lot of different stages. It began life as a film script and still has some of that visual quality. The basic idea I wrote probably about three years ago but I wanted to “clever it up” so the layers about Star Trek, The Tempest, characters hiding and finding things- all that took quite a while.

Q:   If you had to pick one color to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A:Black- like my soul. My second book, Memoir of a Gothic Girl, is all about someone who turns to the dark side (but only culturally). I wear black most of the time, not as a fashion statement but because I’m a bit of a chubby geek who needs to blend in with the shadows so people don’t bump into me.

Q:    How much thought do you put into character names? Do you have a favorite character in Live Long and Prospero?
A:Character names are important but I have to rein in my enthusiasm for symbolic names. Dickens can get away with it but if you give your character a cartoonish signifier of his/her character, it can work well at first but it makes it difficult for that character to change or develop. One character in Live Long & Prospero has a particularly important name but I don’t want to spoil the fun by saying which one. Favourite character? I quite like them all but probably Jake, the stammering 19-year-old who has a shrine to The Smiths in his room.

Q:  What are three words you would use to describe your book?
A: “Best. Book. Ever.”

Q:   How have you come up with your titles?
A:Titles are quite important and not just so people buy my books rather than other people’s. Luke, I am Your Father was quite easy- it’s about a childish 16-year-old with a Star Wars fixation who manages to get his girlfriend pregnant. There’s a lot more to that but that’s the starting point. It’s also perpetuating a misquote just to infuriate fanboys (and –girls) but that’s picked up at the end. I like to plant lots of little jokes and clues that come together at the end. I suppose I want my readers to work a bit but I do reward them for that. The title of Memoir of a Gothic Girl is also explained in the opening section of that book and concerns the worst Christmas present ever, the main character’s brother who has a strong lisp and a desire to express thoughts and feelings without getting in trouble all the time. Read the book and you’ll see what I mean. My latest book, Rainbow, is about a psychic cow and that’s the name of the animal in question. Couldn’t resist a symbolic name here and as you’ll see from the book (the opening chapter is included in Live Long & Prospero), it is justified and I felt it unlikely that a calf’s character would change radically through the course of a story.

 Q:    How do you feel about bad reviews? Are there any that stand out in your mind? (Of previous books)
A:I had a really vicious hater on my tail for a book of non-fiction that I wrote under another name. Some of what she wrote was justified but a lot wasn’t and it pretty much killed off sales of that book that took me years to write. Indulging in online slanging matches however doesn’t work either. You just have to grin and bear it. I would say, I’d recommend ignoring negative reviews when there are less than 10 in total but it’s hard (especially when an author is relatively unknown and the book, as it was in this case, was relatively expensive). One of the real advantages of ebooks is the ability to set pricing so that you’re not making people pay huge prices when it’s the publishers who do that but with your name on the cover, you do get the blame. I’m trying to get into Goodreads a bit more- most of the people who’ve tried my stuff like it and with the way the Net works these days, while negative reviews get an unfair prominence sometimes, over time fan power can right most wrongs.

Q:    If you had to identify yourself using a well-known (or even unknown) quote what would it be? 
A: “Carpe diem”: Latin for “Seize the fish”

Q: On a scale of one to ten how much do you like to be interviewed? (10 being you love being interviewed, 1 you don't)
A: Don’t take it personally but about minus 50.  I love writing but I’m painfully shy. The strange thing about the Net is that I can instantly interact with millions of people I’ve never met but I’m also an intensely private person and I’ve no intention of telling everyone the names of my cats. Jim and Bob deserve some privacy too. (Doh!)
You can find the resat of the tour stops here.

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Interview with Cindy Lyle: Author of The Dragon Within

Today I am hosting Cindy Lyle, Author of The Dragon Within for the Indie and Self-Published Author Event at Say it With Books! So here is my interview with Cindy Lyle!
Question: What are three words that describe The Dragon Within?
Answer:The three words that best describe The Dragon Within would be, Adventure, Magical, and Surprising.

Question: What author has inspired you the most?
Answer:The Author that has inspired me the most would have to be Terry Brooks. It was his books that first introduced me into the world of fantasy. I love the worlds he creates and how he can make any character come to life in your mind. I have all his books and I hope he doesn’t stop writing anytime soon!

Question:Are there any other dragon books that you have read and loved?
Answer: I’ve read a lot of dragon books! (I’m a bit obsessed!!) I guess my favorites would be found in the Dragonlance series. I like how the authors give the dragons different personalities. Their color usually defines which side they are on. The metallic colors, gold, silver, bronze, were on the side of good and the other five colors, red, blue, black, green and white served their evil queen of darkness Takhisis. The Dragonlance dragons are not just mindless beasts that need to be slain or conquered. They have intelligent minds, can use magic and are a huge part of some of the stories. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the Chronicles Trilogy which is a great introduction into the world of Krynn.

Question: Do you ever have the urge to kill off one of your characters and then decide not to?
Answer:That’s funny you should ask. I’m kind of having that debate with myself at the moment while writing my second book. I think the time is right for this particular character to have an end but it is also a character that I’ve come to really like, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do!

Question: So, you're getting your book republished! How do you feel about it?? Excited? Nervous?
Answer:I’m sooo excited to have The Dragon Within republished! I made the mistake of rushing into things and unfortunately it showed in the final product. My readers love my story but I lost points when it came to the editing. It was nothing terrible, just a lot of typos and it was embarrassing. I’m hoping with this new version, my fans will appreciate what I’ve done and also I hope it will generate new readers who haven’t yet been introduced to my world.

Question: Do you have a certain actor/actress/random person on the street that you think fits any of your characters??
Answer: Hmmm…I never really thought about that. Some of my main characters are dragons, but they do have a human form. Let’s see, Karah… I think I would like to see Jessica Alba play her. I really like her! She’s cute, funny but she can also kick ass which would fit Karahs dragon form. I also think she could pull off being a younger character pretty well. As for prince Elric I’m thinking maybe Chris Pine? Mostly because he’s hot and I love him in the Star Trek movies! But I do think he would play Elric well. You will have to let me know what you think after you read the book!

Question: Any plans for future books? If so will they be similar to The Dragon Within or completely different?
Answer: I do have plans for future books. I’m currently working on book two which is called The Dragon Calls and book three which I don’t have a title for yet will follow. After I’m finished this trilogy I’m not sure what I’ll do. I plan to have pretty established characters so if I want to carry on a completely different story but have it based in the same world, I can. I always have ideas floating around in my head so who knows what will happen!

Question: If you had to pick one color to wear for the rest of your life what would it be???
Answer: Lol! Umm…well my first gut response would be black, but people might think I’m depressed or unhappy all the time! I love black but I guess my other fave color would be blue. I love indigo blue but I also love dark blue.

Question: Do you prefer to read physical copies of books or e-books or a mixture?
This is an easy one! I love hard copy books! I’m a huge book hoarder and to me nothing beats that feeling when you crack open a new book that you have been dying to read! I have nothing against e-readers, I just find them impersonal and I never have to worry about my battery dying when I’m in the middle of a cliff hanger!

Question: What was the hardest part about the production of the book? (A certain section, actually getting it published, getting the perfect cover, ect…)
Answer: The hardest part for me was finding the time to write, but also finding the courage to put myself out there. I’m a shy person by nature and I’m always worried about what other people think. Yes I know I shouldn’t let it bother me but it’s hard! When you write a novel you are basically bearing your soul for the world and if you are not prepared to have it punched a few times, the literary world will rip you apart. I think that if you remember that everyone has their own opinion and it doesn’t represent everyone’s feelings then you can get through it and you will have a thicker skin to show for it.

Question: If you had to pick a quote (famous or not famous) to describe yourself, what would it be?
Answer: This is one of my favorite quotes and it sums me up pretty well.

“If we had to say what writing is, we would describe it essentially as an act of courage.”

-Cynthia Ozick

So that is my interview with Cindy Lyle, Author of The Dragons Within!!

You can find her at any of the following sites!
Currently The Dragon Within is being republished!! So definitely consider checking it out!!

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So because I have gotten sick of poems I' switching to a quote of the week or some random thoughts. So probably no one is EVER going to read these....because, let's face it, I have weird ideas, BUT the quote will probably be related to a.) the color green, b.) trees, c.)Books or d.) Something happening in history. And this might vary. I week I might do a quote and the next I might delve into spine poetry (because I'm cool like that!) Moving on.
I made a random post picture thingy because I was bored! Look at that impressive artistic talent! (kidding)
Recently I have been thinking a lot about space and here is a quote about space,

The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.

- Arthur C. Clarke

And did you know that on June 29th, 1995 a U.S. shuttle docked with a Russian Space Station!!!! Awesome!!!!
Well that's it for this week....

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Blogging Things I suck at!!!

This is a tag hosted by Music Plus Books. So here is where I'm going to list the different blogging things I stuck at!
1.) Keeping a calm organized blog.
Ummmmmm, yeah....About that... I like chaos, so I normally just keep adding buttons and timer thingys and pictures and who knows what else to the sidebars on my blog. Every once in a while I have to tell myself, TODAY is the day where I'm going to clean out my sidebars.....and then when I do it, I end up keeping half the stuff on there anyways....I need to work on that. And I like color AND LOTS OF IT!!!!
2.) Writing reviews.
Immediately after finishing a book I have all these great ideas about what was good and bad....BUT I tend to wait to long before writing a review so I don't even remember half of what I was thinking and therefore I give the book a higher rating than I would otherwise. (Unless it was really bad, then I'll go even lower.)
3.) And that leads me to the issue of never taking notes or highlighting quotes,
I never remember to take notes. I'll bookmark a page that I think is important, but then I go back and I have no idea why I bookmarked it! And then half the time I'm like, HEY, I'll write my fav quote in my review.....Where is that quote?.....*proceeds to read the 400 page book all over again to find that one quote* Pfftttt. I know, I know, I'm smart! :)
4.) I always say I'm reading a book....but then I don't.
You see those lovely books under the CURRENTLY READING section in my sidebar? (I believe it is Outcast and The Trouble with Flirting) Well commitment scares me. I always pick up a book and say...Hwy I'm reading this, but I get sidetracked...and it's not even because those books are any less awesome, (Outcast has been up there for a while and I JUST started it.....IT IS AMAZING) but it's because I hate doing what I'm told.....Even if I'm the one telling myself....Does that make sense?
5.) I like to do EVERYTHING on my own. I don't like getting help.
Well on my blog anyways. I like to create my own headers/buttons/whatever instead of paying someone else to do it.....EVEN if it looks terrible....I'm just cool like that.
6.) Excessive Exclamation points and CAPITALIZATION.
Yeah.....I really need to work an that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7.) Posting every day!
I try....I really do, but sometimes I just can't think of anything to post and I don't have any reviews!!

So I think after making this list, I NEED to work on self-control. All my crazy colors and weird ideas are just hurting people's eyes......Sorry about that......Anyhow, those are the things I SUCK at!! TA-DA! And feel free to tag yourself......and say I tagged you because.....I really don't feel like doing it!

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Where Darkness Walks: Blog Tour

Title: Where Darkness Walks
Author: Donna Hawk
Series: Mortgatha trilogy book #1
Genre: YA, Fantasy

So I just have to get this out here, I love the cover!! It is so pretty!!!!

Clarie’s world is about to change for the darker. Rand broke up with her at the prom, she uncovers a secret in the hidden back of an armoire, and she meets Patrick, who is determined to help her forget her broken heart.
As Clarie evades classmate Bulldog’s stalking, she and Patrick explore the dark halls of an abandoned cement plant. After following Clarie and Patrick deep inside, Bulldog confronts Clarie as he fights with Patrick. When she is accidentally pushed against a set of dark doors into the shadow realm of Mortgatha, everything she fears is set into motion to keep her away from her beloved Earth world.
Even with Patrick’s help, the doorway home moves randomly, evil characters beset them at every turn, and the way home seems farther away than ever.

So today on the blog I have an interview with the author! 

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Top Ten Tuesday #12

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish!

 Top Ten Books I've Read So Far In 2013
****Note: Many of these books were published prior to 2013, but I only just got around to reading them!****

1.) Code Name Verity-I was a late comer to this book and I have to say this: This was probably one of the best books I've EVER read....

2.) Sapphire Blue- Love this book and Series and I NEED to read Emerald Green!!!

This Strange and Familiar Place (So Close to You, #2)
3.) This Strange and Familiar Place-I love this series!!! 

4.) Seraphina-This book is EPIC!!!

5.)Perfect Scoundrels- How Could you not LOVE this book?

Prodigy (Legend, #2)

6.) Prodigy-That ending....Oh, My, Gosh.....EPIC

7.) The Darkest Minds-This book is seriously AMAZING!!!

8.) The Avery Shaw Experiment-Kelly Oram NEVER disappoints!

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1)

9.) Blood Red Road- I was surprised by how much I liked this book!

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)

10.) Scarlet-This was a great book!

This list TOOK ME FOREVER to be able to narrow it down to my top ten!!! So those are some of MY FAVORITES, WHAT ARE YOURS????

Book Blind Dates

So I was recently surfing the internet doing who knows what when I came across this really fun looking meme! It's called Book Blind dates!
It's hosted by Adria @ Adria's Romance Reviews and Danielle @ Book Whore Blog. What you want to do is pick two books and post their blurbs, but remove the names of the people. (ex. H***) This way there is no cover to distract you!! 
Here are The RULES of Book Blind Dates
1. Select  2 books to be the "blind dates"

2. Set them up without the covers so readers can pick without ever seeing the beauty of the cover. 

3. Star out the names. (Example D****) That way if readers have heard of the characters they aren't prejudice. 

4. Link up each Monday. And post the cover to your previous weeks blind dates.

5. Join in and select which blind date you would choose in others match ups.

So I feel a little awkward doing this because it seems that the only blogs doing this are Romance blogs, but this meme looked super fun!! Hopefully I did it right!

AND here is my post!!

Book Date #1: 
A devastated Earth's last hope is found in P***: small, mysterious orbs that fall from space and are capable of supplying enough energy to power entire cities. Battling to control the P*** are the S**** d****--political dissidents who live in massive ships in the Earth's stratosphere--and the corrupt S**** government.

J**** F****, a S**** slacker, and C***** S******, a young S**** operative, cross paths when they both venture into forbidden territory in pursuit of P****s. Their chance encounter triggers an unexpected reaction, endowing each boy with remarkable--and dangerous--abilities that their respective governments would stop at nothing to possess.

Enemies thrust together with a common goal, J*** and C**** make their way to the ruins of S**** to uncover the truth about their new powers, the past they didn't know they shared, and a shocking secret about the P*****.

Book Date #2: 
F**** C**** is a girl who has been adopted and raised by Dr. C****, a member of the order of E*****, where she serves as apprentice. In a time and place where women are not seen as reasonable creatures, F**** is an anomaly, the only female to serve in the order.

Soon though, she must say goodbye to Dr. C****- nearly the only person she's ever known - to assist archeologist K** S***** on a top-secret project. As her work begins, F**** is plagued by memories that are not her own and K***seems to have a particular interest in finding out what they are. F***** has also been singled out by city-dwellers who declare her part S*****.

The S******, not human, ruled the city some years ago but were hunted down and killed in a victorious uprising by the people. If there are any remaining S******, they are to be eliminated.

All F**** knows is what she's been told: that she is an orphan. Is F**** a S******? Whose memories does she hold? Is the mystery of F******, adopted daughter of Dr. C****, the key to the secret that lies at the heart of London?

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Feature and Follow Friday #5

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

This Weeks Question is:
Favorite Literary Quote

So this is a topic I did way back when I first started blogging. (Like two months ago) So here is my original post of my top 15 favorite quotes. If you want to check that out go right ahead! But otherwise here are a few!
1.) "I will never forget you," Sophie whispered. "I will always remember you," Josh promised. 
2.) ""Green, always green. I could never find just the right green, though. Apparently there are more than forty shades of green." 
"Green's a good color," Prometheus said, his broadsword resting lightly on his right shoulder. "Don't get me wrong: I like red. But I've always been partial to green.""
- The Enchantress by Michael Scott
It proves my theory that green is amazing. The first quote is probably one of the most memorable quotes ever. It has always stuck in my mind and always will. ***Cue tears*** (As you can see I really love this series!) 

 “I don't know. I don't actually remember anything from before the surgery."
His eyebrows rose, his blue eyes sucking in all the light of the room. "The cybernetic operation?"
"No, the sex change."
The doctor's smile faltered.
"I'm joking.”  
--Cinder by Marissa Meyer---Oh Cinder, I really do LOVE YOU!!!

“Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything's possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time."
-Legend by Marie Lu---That is just....PERFECT

Okay so those are some of my favorite quotes. WHAT ARE YOURS???

Okay and for the follow, please DON'T FOLLOW VIA GFC.
GFC has been killed and I really need to take down the boxy thingy, but I'm to tired and by tomorrow I'll forget.....So if you have previously followed via GFC and want to follow another way...THAT'S SUPER!! If not that's cool too.

Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon

The Summer Lovin’ Readathon is a week-long readathon event hosted by seven independent bloggers! (Oh, Chrys!, Tumbling Books, Effortlessly Reading, Love Life Read, Shelf Addiction, Read Sleep Repeat, and Reviewing Wonderland)
Spend the week reading at your own pace, when and how you want too. There will be daily challenges for awesome prizes and opportunities to get points toward the Grand Prize Packs.
As if that weren’t enough – the week will end with a 24-hr marathon readathon! Twitter parties, mini-challenges, games, prizes given EVERY HOUR, and more chances to get points toward the Grand Prize Packs.
Sign-ups will be open through July 6th. I’m in, are you?!

So I've decided to participate in this Read-a-thon and I'm really hoping it is going to be fun!!! I've never done a read-a-thon before, but it sounds like a great opportunity!!
Wish me luck!!

Thursday Poem

Thursday poem is a day where I highlight a random poem. Today I picked a poem about nature....because well nature is awesome!!!

Hearts That Love Nature

Hearts that love nature
will be eternally young,
eternal and immortal
like the nature itself,
which never dies to this
loving, beating heart,
nature that is alive
in the air that we breathe,
in the crowning glory of
the sun rising from
amidst the depths of the horizon;

Nature that is immortal,
the songs of the nightingale
and the cuckoo and the songbird,
will ring out in harmony
for infinite years,
the melody will keep playing
even when dust is created
and destroyed to dust,
hearts that feel nature
will become nature and live on,
amidst the vast sky
of splendor and elegance,
within the deepest corners
of the infinite oceans,
along on the breeze
that blows across this land;

Hearts that love nature
will be eternally young and immortal,
will strive in peace and silence,
the calmness and tranquility,
of merging with mother nature,
born again with
the leaves of new birth,
those fresh blossoms of spring,
whose scent is divine perfume
to this awakening earth,
and our hearts will be one,
playing gently on those meadows
surrounded by daisies that
once intrigued great poets of the past,
and we remain young and
immortal, forever...
----Amatulla Mohammadi
And I found the poem here.

So that is my poem for today!!!! What do you think?