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Interview with Cindy Lyle: Author of The Dragon Within

Today I am hosting Cindy Lyle, Author of The Dragon Within for the Indie and Self-Published Author Event at Say it With Books! So here is my interview with Cindy Lyle!
Question: What are three words that describe The Dragon Within?
Answer:The three words that best describe The Dragon Within would be, Adventure, Magical, and Surprising.

Question: What author has inspired you the most?
Answer:The Author that has inspired me the most would have to be Terry Brooks. It was his books that first introduced me into the world of fantasy. I love the worlds he creates and how he can make any character come to life in your mind. I have all his books and I hope he doesn’t stop writing anytime soon!

Question:Are there any other dragon books that you have read and loved?
Answer: I’ve read a lot of dragon books! (I’m a bit obsessed!!) I guess my favorites would be found in the Dragonlance series. I like how the authors give the dragons different personalities. Their color usually defines which side they are on. The metallic colors, gold, silver, bronze, were on the side of good and the other five colors, red, blue, black, green and white served their evil queen of darkness Takhisis. The Dragonlance dragons are not just mindless beasts that need to be slain or conquered. They have intelligent minds, can use magic and are a huge part of some of the stories. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the Chronicles Trilogy which is a great introduction into the world of Krynn.

Question: Do you ever have the urge to kill off one of your characters and then decide not to?
Answer:That’s funny you should ask. I’m kind of having that debate with myself at the moment while writing my second book. I think the time is right for this particular character to have an end but it is also a character that I’ve come to really like, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do!

Question: So, you're getting your book republished! How do you feel about it?? Excited? Nervous?
Answer:I’m sooo excited to have The Dragon Within republished! I made the mistake of rushing into things and unfortunately it showed in the final product. My readers love my story but I lost points when it came to the editing. It was nothing terrible, just a lot of typos and it was embarrassing. I’m hoping with this new version, my fans will appreciate what I’ve done and also I hope it will generate new readers who haven’t yet been introduced to my world.

Question: Do you have a certain actor/actress/random person on the street that you think fits any of your characters??
Answer: Hmmm…I never really thought about that. Some of my main characters are dragons, but they do have a human form. Let’s see, Karah… I think I would like to see Jessica Alba play her. I really like her! She’s cute, funny but she can also kick ass which would fit Karahs dragon form. I also think she could pull off being a younger character pretty well. As for prince Elric I’m thinking maybe Chris Pine? Mostly because he’s hot and I love him in the Star Trek movies! But I do think he would play Elric well. You will have to let me know what you think after you read the book!

Question: Any plans for future books? If so will they be similar to The Dragon Within or completely different?
Answer: I do have plans for future books. I’m currently working on book two which is called The Dragon Calls and book three which I don’t have a title for yet will follow. After I’m finished this trilogy I’m not sure what I’ll do. I plan to have pretty established characters so if I want to carry on a completely different story but have it based in the same world, I can. I always have ideas floating around in my head so who knows what will happen!

Question: If you had to pick one color to wear for the rest of your life what would it be???
Answer: Lol! Umm…well my first gut response would be black, but people might think I’m depressed or unhappy all the time! I love black but I guess my other fave color would be blue. I love indigo blue but I also love dark blue.

Question: Do you prefer to read physical copies of books or e-books or a mixture?
This is an easy one! I love hard copy books! I’m a huge book hoarder and to me nothing beats that feeling when you crack open a new book that you have been dying to read! I have nothing against e-readers, I just find them impersonal and I never have to worry about my battery dying when I’m in the middle of a cliff hanger!

Question: What was the hardest part about the production of the book? (A certain section, actually getting it published, getting the perfect cover, ect…)
Answer: The hardest part for me was finding the time to write, but also finding the courage to put myself out there. I’m a shy person by nature and I’m always worried about what other people think. Yes I know I shouldn’t let it bother me but it’s hard! When you write a novel you are basically bearing your soul for the world and if you are not prepared to have it punched a few times, the literary world will rip you apart. I think that if you remember that everyone has their own opinion and it doesn’t represent everyone’s feelings then you can get through it and you will have a thicker skin to show for it.

Question: If you had to pick a quote (famous or not famous) to describe yourself, what would it be?
Answer: This is one of my favorite quotes and it sums me up pretty well.

“If we had to say what writing is, we would describe it essentially as an act of courage.”

-Cynthia Ozick

So that is my interview with Cindy Lyle, Author of The Dragons Within!!

You can find her at any of the following sites!
Currently The Dragon Within is being republished!! So definitely consider checking it out!!

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