Thursday, June 27, 2013


So because I have gotten sick of poems I' switching to a quote of the week or some random thoughts. So probably no one is EVER going to read these....because, let's face it, I have weird ideas, BUT the quote will probably be related to a.) the color green, b.) trees, c.)Books or d.) Something happening in history. And this might vary. I week I might do a quote and the next I might delve into spine poetry (because I'm cool like that!) Moving on.
I made a random post picture thingy because I was bored! Look at that impressive artistic talent! (kidding)
Recently I have been thinking a lot about space and here is a quote about space,

The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.

- Arthur C. Clarke

And did you know that on June 29th, 1995 a U.S. shuttle docked with a Russian Space Station!!!! Awesome!!!!
Well that's it for this week....

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