Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Poem:

Thursday Poem is a weekly occurrence on my blog, that will often coincide with a historical event for the day, week, or an event or topic I feel strongly about.... If you like...AWESOME... And If you don't sorry.

So today is a big day in history....Can you guess???

This day in 1944 the Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, France!! So in order to commemorate this day I picked a poem!! Hope you like it!

Keep Moving

Keep moving lads ... keep moving
Don't huddle on this beach
Don't make yourselves a target
For those guns up there to reach
Keep moving lads ... keep moving
There's the seawall ... over there
Keep moving lads ... keep moving
Don't falter ... or despair
Don't look ... at comrades falling
Around you ... everywhere
Keep moving lads ... keep moving
We can take this ... on the chin
Keep moving ... and keep praying
Before those guns ... they zero in.
Copyright Mr A Chapman
bTony Chapman, archivist/historian for the LST and Landing Craft Association (Royal Navy). 

And that is a poem which I found here and I thought was really good. 

So tell me...

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