Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Lovin' Day THREE!!!

So first of all....UPDATES
So far I've read:
Until I Die by Amy Plum
The Girl with the Iron Touch by Kady Cross
Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
(I loved them all!) 

That is a tough one there are so many I LOVE. At the moment though I would have to say Deryn Sharp from Leviathan. I love that series ton pieces and just did a reread of it!!! So Deryn is
A girl
who is masquerading as a boy
aboard the airship LEVIATHAN
during the first World War.
She is incredibly smart.
And of course super brave.
Her plans are brilliant (who else would think of launching spices at machines to beat them?) 
She puts her best friend before her country.
And she isn't afraid to have fun!

In all Deryn sharp (AKA Dylan Sharp) is my all time favorite heroine. I really do love books when girls dress as boys! :)

The object of the game is to pick a book you have not yet read, turn to page 99 and read that page. Then you give a synopsis of that page and tell us if, based only on that page, would you want to read this book?

Ashes of Twilight (Ashes Trilogy, #1)
So I picked Ashes of Twilight by Kassy Tayler
Wren MacAvoy works as a coal miner for a domed city that was constructed in the mid-nineteenth century to protect the royal blood line of England when astronomers spotted a comet on a collision course with Earth. Humanity would be saved by the most groundbreaking technology of the time. But after nearly 200 years of life beneath the dome, society has become complacent and the coal is running out.  Plus there are those who wonder, is there life outside the dome or is the world still consumed by fire? When one of Wren's friends escapes the confines of the dome, he is burned alive and put on display as a warning to those seeking to disrupt the dome’s way of life. But Alex’s final words are haunting. “The sky is blue.”  What happens next is a whirlwind of adventure, romance, conspiracy and the struggle to stay alive in a world where nothing is as it seems. Wren unwittingly becomes a catalyst for a revolution that destroys the dome and the only way to survive might be to embrace what the entire society has feared their entire existence.

So Wren and someone called Pace are traveling via sewer! (Sounds like a blast) And Wren is grumbling on about how she wants to leave him behind because he's just slowing her down. (Was not pleased with her at this part!) Pace then gets stuck and Wren goes back for him! (CHARACTER REDEMPTION!)

Based on this page I think that I would. Although at first I was not a fan of Wren, by the end of the page I kind of liked her....SOOOOO, yes I would read this book! 

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