Thursday, August 8, 2013

How I write my reviews.....

So I was thinking about this the other day and wondering how people write their reviews. Every one has a different included. 

Personally I start off each review with a good long wait. I normally wait a few days to write a review to let my feelings cool off! Mostly because I want to be able to write a semi-coherent review. 

This is not always a smart thing to do because often I forget what I wanted to say about the book. (And this is why notes would come in handy... I'm working on it!!!) 

After waiting I like to pace for several minutes. This is to get my blood flowing and also to give me time to ponder about what happened in the book. I have to go over the events and decide how to rate the book. This is often the most painful stage of the process purely because I can't pace without swinging my arms....several times my hands have connected with furniture. (Note: it is not fun to write a review with bruises knuckles. Not only is it uncomfortable it is fairly hard to type especially with melting ice covering your hand.) 

After that I like to get a snack to help power my brain. So I go downstairs and search the cabinets for something delicious. (Preferably chocolate.... Chocolate is my brain food.) 

I then return to my room and find the book I'm reviewing. Whether its on my kindle or if its a physical copy I carefully place it on the stack of clothes that sits on my rocking chair which is next to one of my most prized possessions  my computer. Carefully I then sit in the chair hoping the book/kindle won't fall. I then proceed to clear my desk of the random things on it. Mostly papers which I chuck on my floor. 

I then carefully open my Internet thingy and go to blogger. I hit the new post button several times, begging for it to load. (I'm impatient! What do you expect?) During that period of time where I hate my computer, I go to the Goodreads page for the book. After the post opens I carefully set up the beginning. I put the cover, title, goodreads link, author, genre, series, and rating carefully on the crisp new blog post.

And then,


Very slowly,

I begin to type. 

While writing the review (recently) I've been trying to avoid the use of "awesome" and "amazing" as I've been told I use them waaaayyy to much. This presents me with a great challenge so I've tried to use one of my other favorite words (phenomenal) to make up for their absence. 

Then the rest is just easy. I kind of put down whatever I'm thinking.

So do you have any pre-writing-review rituals? I'd love to hear them!!!
Also do you think my ritual is strange at all? 


  1. These days I end up doing a lot of my reviews at work when I should actually be, you know, working so I don't have a special ritual. However, I really like your use of chocolate in the creative process and I'm thinking that is something I CAN add in to get the ideas percolating.

    When I do write at home, I follow the "two dog" method advocated by humorist Dave Barry - my main dog at my feet emitting odors and my back-up dog in another room ready to omit odors if my main dog can't handle things.(Barry is a creative genius.)

    Fun post!
    Erin @ YA Book Crush

    1. Ha!! That is such a great method! Sadly I only have one dog , so I'll have to get the cat or the rabbit to be my back up! And chocolate is a must... I question how you can function to write such great reviews without it.... Somehow you've managed thus far and I must say I'm impressed! =D

  2. It was really interesting to read your review and realize how different everyone's is. My ritual is three glasses of G&T, then one ritual sacrifice of a beanie baby - then I'm done!

  3. I usually take notes while reading and then, like you said, wait a few days! I do all of my reviewing in my room, in my bed :P and i have many, many snacks. And pepsi! It's the nectar of the writing gods, i kid you not! haha!

    Charlie xx

    Oh and I don't think it's strange at all! Everyone has their own system! :)


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