Friday, August 16, 2013

My thoughts on third person POV!

So the truth is I hate reading books in third person....

I mean I will read books in third and some have my undying respect and admiration (cough, cough, Harry Potter!) but half the time I find the writing to feel.... I don't know the word, but not as easy to read... Clunky feeling... Oh, I have no idea what I'm trying to say...

But for me third person POV just doesn't do it. It doesn't capture my interest and it rarely holds my interest if it does capture it. (there exceptions.)  Third person often feels impersonal to me.

Even when I write (from my extremely limited experience of creative writing in school) I tend to gravitate towards first person.

It just feels right.

I've even noticed something about myself.

I rate books from third person POV much harsher than those in first for the simple reason that much of my opinion is based purely upon to writing style.

And to me POV is a writing style that is part of the core of the book.

This whole post sounds bad. I know.

And there are books in third person that I adore.
(i.e. Harry Potter, Leviathan, Throne of Glass, The Girl in the Steel Corset, among several others.)

And it really is because I can't connect to the characters. And lets face it, connecting to a character, understanding their plight is perhaps one of the most important things when reading.

I need to be in their brains.

I need to feel their emotions... First hand of course.

I need or maybe it's more of a want, to see it through the characters eyes. To get the full experience.

And it seems that most people would disagree with me.

So on that note, I come to a burning question of mine. The point of this whole post:
What do people see in third person?

I get the appeal. I get that people don't like first person because it is so personal. It is as if you are the character. So what makes third the better option.

Also, after reading a book can you later go back and tell me the POV, without looking, it was told in?

Or again, is this something that is unique to me?

So my friends, tell me what makes third person appealing to you? Or do you prefer first? Maybe just maybe to love reading books in second POV. (Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure the only book I've ever read in second is Blink and Caution and even that was only told in second every other chapter. So any recommendations are welcome.)

Leave what you think in the comments below! I would love to hear your opinion!!!


  1. I agree with you. I honestly never thought this much in depth about it until reading your post BUT now that you bring it up, I'm the same way. I love being in the MCs head, love it! I like feeling like it's me, it definitely makes me way more connected to them! So you are not alone!

    Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland

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