Thursday, August 22, 2013

SUMMER!! Why must you end!

So as you all probably know August is ending!!! So this is good and bad right? 

I mean yeah school will be starting in just a few short weeks which is terrible!! But I'll get to see all my friends again which will definitely be cool!

But my cross country practices have begun which is oh so exciting! (The fact is that cross country is by far the awesome at sport ever!!!!) 

And the weather will also be cooling down soon which is great! I am so not a hot weather person. 

And loads of new books that I am so excited for are releasing!!! Gah!! There are just so many that I need to read now!! 

Plus the nex Nancy Drew game is coming out shortly!!! I really love Nancy Drew if you can't tell!!! :-)

And hopefully in the near future I'll be able to start volenteering at my local animal shelter! Which is just plain old awesome!!!

But with all this awesomeness occurring it leads to one thing. The point of this post actually. 

Reading time will significantly decrease and posts will dwindle. Especially for the next couple of weeks. Also the reason for lack of posting this past week! 

When I'm in school I normally read VERY little during the week. By the time I get home and do my homework and then just hang out for a bit it'll be about time for me to go to bed. And then with meets on the weekend.... 

Basically this is my apology for the future and my erratic posting. Because trust me, there will be weeks when I am stressed out and just don't have time. 

By through it all I promise I'll try! 

So with that I want to with you all a happy summer is almost over! For those who are going back to school: Good luck! And for those who have jobs: Have fun continuing what you've been doing all summer! 

Oh and one more thing! If you've visited my blog in the past few weeks I probably haven't responded to your comments or visited your blog! I AM SO SORRY!! Seriously and I know that my formatting has been kind of wonky on the past few posts (it has since been fixed) but me and blogger had a little spat! All better now though!!


  1. Good luck with school! And I can't wait for The Silent Spy too! The Nancy Drew games are the best!

  2. I'm very sympathetic when it comes to all that! I will be a senior in high school this year and will have no time to do blog work although I must because it's my job. ;) But no matter, it will just be fun to see your posts when they're up! Happy last days of summer!!! *cries*

  3. I know how you feel. School starts again for me soon and I have mixed feelings about it - school means I have more time with friends, but less time to read. Good luck to you too! :)


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