Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blogging hiatus...

So I really don't want to have to do this, but with summer coming to a close and school starting up this week (yeah I go back late!) I really just need to have a complete break with no guilt. 
I just need to be able to finish off summer projects clean my room and read a little. 
I know I suck! 
But if you follow me on twitter and have seen my obsessive tweeting you'll know that I have something planned. 
The first segment of this plan will be up this weekend! So watch out for that!! 
(FYI Its called Teens Take Over! Excited?) 
So anyhow I'll be returning September 6th with my review for The Divided Worlds Blog Tour! 
In the meantime I'll be chillin' on twitter and I'll still be around if you need to contact me!! 
So I'll apologize for the lack of posting this month and this unexpected hiatus!! Thanks for sticking with me!! 


  1. Enjoy your break! Hope you read some good books!

    1. Thanks!! Hopefully I'll just get my school work done!!

  2. You might be taking a break from blogging, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop bothering you on Twitter... Enjoy your break and yes, I can't wait for Teens Take Over! :)

    1. YAY!! Twitter buddies!! And Teens Take Over is going to be awesome!! I hope you love it!!

  3. Enjoy your break - everyone needs one once in a while! :)

    Erin @ YA Book Crush


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