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Teens Take Over: Bimsebamse Book Reviews

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So if you haven't heard (either on Twitter or by looking at the tab up above) I have decided to start a new feature on my blog called Teens Take Over! 
I am so excited to be able to have the chance to interview some of my fellow teen bloggers and also be able to tell everyone the complete greatness of teens!

To see more about this new feature and the background behind it, either go click on that BEAUTIFUL banner or go to the tab up above!

Today (although this post is extremely late) I am SO HAPPY to be able to interview another of my AMAZING bloggy friends! Interestingly enough Benedicte is a teen from DENMARK!! She was the person I was able to go into complete fangirl mode over Pivot Point with! (Check that book out! It's amazing!) 

My questions are in black, while her answers are in blue and my responses are in red!

Name you blog Under: Benedicte
Blog Name: Bimsebamse’s Book Reviews
Favorite Genres: Young adult - contemporary & fantasy
Interesting facts about you: I wouldn't be able to live without gum and chocolate.
Any fav books or authors you want to mention? Pivot Point & Simone Elkeles
Favorite color? Red
What grade are you in? 11th (ME TOO!)

1) So what was the factor that pushed you over the edge to getting a blog? Did you wake up one morning and hit the create button or did you think about it for days? Anything you wish you could change?

I thought about it for a while and one day I just decided to post a review and get started. I started blogging in Danish and just recently began doing it in English instead. 
(That is so cool!)

2.) Are there any other teen bloggers out there who you want to give a shout out to?

Not really. Don't know that many. :-)
(Haha!! Well that is the point of this feature! Maybe you'll get to meet some new ones!!!)

3) How do you manage to have a blog with school? I mean you probably have loads of homework and extracurricular activities! How do you juggle it all?

 I never had a bunch of homework the past few years, but I just started school in the US last week and I keep feeling tired when I get home and don't really feel like blogging. I'm probably the worst person to answer this question. 
(Don't worry! We all go on those blogging slumps!)

4.) Now I'm sure that as a teen you want to take over the world. I mean what teen doesn't? So if there was a massive rebellion, what role would you play?

-The evil leader who is trying to squash the rebellion
-The rebel leader who instructs everyone and gives the commands.
-The rebels oh so sweet best friend who supports that rebel!
-The dog trainer who sets dogs on either the rebels or the evil leader depending on your mood...
-The neutral person. You wouldn't care. What happens, happens.

The evil (but very sweet :b) leader who is trying to squash the rebellion

(I would so be the rebel! Guess you'll have to squash me! :P)

5.) Okay, so originally you’re from Denmark, but currently you’re a foreign exchange student! What’s that like? Is it way different? Are the book stores really different? Seriously anything you wish to say and I will listen!

The bookstores are so much bigger (and better) here. Everything is so much bigger here. The school too. When the bell rings and class is over, it's literally one of the scariest things (may be exaggerating a little bit) to walk the halls to my next class with all of the people here.
Everybody is so nice here and I just love it so much here!!
(YAY! Glad everyone is nice! And the bookstores are AMAZING!)

6.) You mentioned being ten minutes from a Barnes & Nobel in your last post…. That’s got to be killer to resist, huh?

Yes! I spend so much money last month it's awful. I could live in there. Especially because there's a Starbucks in the store. I want to go there right now ):(HAHA! Well any bookstore like that is AMAZING!!! Hope you get lots of amazing books!)

7.) The last time we talked I know you were fangirling over If I Stay! Any more recent books you need to discuss! Any really bad ones?

Read Walden for school. Most boring book ever ..
Reading the second book in the Tempest trilogy. Loved Tempest so much. Not too far into it yet, though. It took me way too long to read Walden I didn't get to read anything else.
I like reading on Wattpad, if you don't know what that is, it is a website where amateur writers can post their books and readers can read them. Some of the stories are kind of cute. :-)

(Wattpad is my guilty pleasure! Sometimes there are some really fun books on there!!! And I've heard a lot about Tempest! Glad you loved it!!)

8.) Best experience you’ve had in the U.S. so far! Book wise or life-wise!

When I first met my new friends here, they all immediately started telling me all these kinds of stuff and I just felt so lucky for running into these people.
(YAY!! Friends are AMAZING!!!)

11.)  So the name of your blog…. What does it mean? Is it something I’m just being a bit ignorant about or is it…..something different? 

So my name is Benedicte and I had a friends once, when I was, like, ten. She was kind of weird, but in a good way! She started calling me Bimsebamse and I kind of liked it. It's funny, because we talked recently and she didn't remember ever calling me that. 
(That's such a cool story!!! And the name really is amazing and unique!!!)

Cat or Dog. DOG 


Ebook or Physical book Physical book, but I read ebooks faster than I read physical books.

(Me too!! Way easier to fly through an ebook!)

Light years or decades. Decades.

Any teen blogging friends or inspirations? Not really teens, but I love Chapter Chicks.

Favorite word? My English teacher told us about this word. "Balter" - (v.) to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.
It's awesome!!!

(That's such a fun word!!! My goal is now to use it!!!)

Thanks so much for the AMAZING interview Benedicte!!

If you guys want to go check her out you can find her here!


  1. I really enjoyed reading the interview! I really need to try Wattpad again! I've never heard the word "Balter" I like it! Fun interview! :)

  2. Great Interview! (as usual :)

  3. It's so cool that Benedicte is an international blogger and a foreign exchange student! I would love to be in an exchange program one day too, so I am glad to hear that she is having fun while in the States.


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