Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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So Leigh @ Little Book Star who is without a doubt one of the coolest bloggers around is hosting a review-a-thon! The review-a-thon goes from November 1st-14th.

Shockingly this is something I desperatly need.....

SO I HAVE SIGNED UP!!! YAY! And you should too!

Anyhow, here are the rules!
1. Sign up ends on November 5.
2. You MUST have a blog OR a Goodreads OR BookLikes account in order to participate.
3. To sign up, make a blog post telling about the Review-A-Thon (just copy & paste the rules and the blurb up there where it says “Basically this challenge’s goal…”) + your updates/progress/goals. If you’re signing up via Goodreads, tweet it on twitter saying you’re participating in the Review-A-Thon (#ReviewAThon) & include a link to this post so others will know. Then, enter your Name, Sign Up Post/Tweet Link, and Email in the linky (click the blue frog).
4. There will also be 3 mini-challenges along the way so make sure to check back here.
5. HAVE FUN :)

So as shocking as it may seem I have A LOT of reviews that need writing! I would love to write 20 reviews in this time span. This is me shooting high though..... Because with school and Sectionals coming up, I probably won't have time.... But with any luck I'll be able to write a few reviews of the books I'm listing down below!
1.) Grave Mercy
2.) Marie Atoinette: Serial Killer
3.) The Girl with the Iron Touch
4.) Arclight
5.) Not a Drop To Drink
6.) Fangirl
7.) Whenever
8.) Alienated
9.) The Assassin's Curse
10.) Emerald Green
11.) Palace of Spies
And WAAYYY more, but those are my goals!

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