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Sanctuary: Review and Character Interview

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SanctuaryTitle: Sanctuary
Author: Pauline Creeden
Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic
Rating: Bison

In a heart-racing thriller described as Falling Skies meets The Walking Dead, Jennie struggles to find a safe place for what’s left of her family. But it seems as though there is no place sacred, no place secure. First the aliens attacked the sun, making it dimmer, weaker, and half what it used to be. Then they attacked the water supply, killing one-third of Earth’s population with a bitter contaminate. And when they unleash a new terror on humankind, the victims will wish for death, but will not find it…When the world shatters to pieces around her, will Jennie find the strength she needs to keep going?

Before reading this book my biggest qualm was the religious aspects of the book.
You see, stupidly, I hadn't quite checked over the genres, I had just read the blurb and thought, THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!! I want to read it!!!!
I didn't even see those words in black  that stated RELIGION in big black letter.... (BAD ME! I NEED TO PAY ATTENTION!!!)
So I went into this book with a lot of trepidation.
Thankfully though, the author is clearly skilled with writing about religious subject matter and not offended people who don't believe the same thing!
So YAY!!
Alrighty then, moving past the religious aspects this book was definitely unique! I don't believe that I've read a book about aliens who then come down and attack people!!!
I loved how independent and strong Jennie was! She cared so much a bout her little brother and definitely took the responsibility of being his surrogate parent head on.
One of my favorite scenes in the whole book involved Jennie risking her life to satisfy her brother's stomach!
The other great thing about her was that she seemed real! Instead of her being perfect and taking everything into stride, she showed the normal human reactions for her situation. Like at the vary beginning when her mom told her that she wasn't going to go back to college because of the aliens (the aliens had these ginormous spaceships just floating in the sky and everyone was kind of freaked out!) Instead of Jennie just being okay about staying home, she reacted in a way that I could understand, and yet it wasn't overly dramatic!
One thing that really surprised me was that Jennie is a sophomore in college and the love interest(s) (do we even consider them love interests?) were older than that. I expected younger characters because it was classified as young adult. I mean it didn't really effect was just surprising!
And onto the love (triangly?) thing. So there was this teacher from Jennie's old school (who Jennie NEVER had, as it was emphasized multiple times...) and he was (maybe) five or so years older than Jennie... And then there was his younger brother. The older brother, Mr. Harris/Hugh, was the nice one, Brad was BAD. (Why was he bad, well he...I can't actually tell you! That would spoil it!! But trust me on this... he's bad!)
So anyhow, Jennie can't tell who's good and bad and all that, but her adorable brother can, so it's all good...
I wasn't sure it was an actual LOVE relationship, they all seemed much more like good friends....So I might be getting this all wrong.
Am I forgetting anything???
Well, yes I am, and it's the best part of this book: ZOMBIES!!!
This was such a great aspect to the book! I loved reading about how they had to escape them and how everyone was changing!!

In all I have to say that this was definitely an enjoyable read! The story was compelling and interesting and the characters were fun!


In simple language, Pauline Creeden creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long.

Pauline is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy.

Armored Hearts, her joint effort with author Melissa Turner Lee, has been a #1 Bestseller in Christian Fantasy and been awarded the Crowned Heart for Excellence by InDtale Magazine. Her debut novel, Sanctuary is scheduled for release September 30, 2013, and has already been nominated for two awards in YA Science Fiction.

One of Pauline's short stories has won the CCW Short Story contest. Other short stories have been published in Fear & Trembling Magazine, Obsidian River and Avenir Eclectia. An urban fantasy short will appear in The Book of Sylvari: An Anthology of Elves from Port Yonder Press, and a vampire short will appear in Monsters! from Diminished Media Group.


So here is my interview with Jennie's younger brother, Mickey! Who just so happens to be one of my favorite characters!

1.      So Mickey… What did it feel like to suddenly be taken away from everything you’ve ever known? One minute you’re at home safe and sound and the next you’re racing to the hospital with your older sister!!
Well, I been watching the news with my Daddy on TV and saw that there’s these big alien ships. The guys on TV have been talking about how there might be a war or something might happen. So I don’t know what was going on, but it was scary. And as long as Jennie stayed with me, I’d be okay.

2.      How do you think that your older sister Jennie felt during this ordeal? It must have been stressful for her, huh?
Yeah. I never seen her so scared before.

3.      While you were trying to make it to safety at the church, you lacked much of the food and Jennie made the decision to stop by the grocery store to get more. Do you think that was a mistake?
Well, there wasn’t much food there, so I guess it was.

4.      You seemed to have a really good intuition about the true natures of people! You were able to see the truth about some of the more… “likable” people. How could you tell?
Well, Mr. Brad always seemed to act too nice when other people were watching, but wouldn’t even say hi to me if it was just me. Mr. Hugh was different. He always said hi even when no one was around. And he never called me nicknames. I hate nicknames.

5.      It seems that wherever you went you always ended up with friends! Is that just another of your many natural gifts?

Sure. I like everybody. What’s so hard about making friends?

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  1. Thanks for hosting Sanctuary! You Rock! :)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that about the religious components! I was hesitant to look further into this book because of that, but now I'll definitely consider reading it more. It really does sound like an interesting one.


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