Sunday, October 13, 2013

Teens Take Over: In Italics

(The banner was made by the wonderful Emz over at Icy Cold Reads! FYI: HER BLOG IS BEAUTIFUL!)

So if you haven't heard (either on Twitter or by looking at the tab up above) I have decided to start a new feature on my blog called Teens Take Over! 
I am so excited to be able to have the chance to interview some of my fellow teen bloggers and also be able to tell everyone the complete greatness of teens!

And today for the feature, we have Arial who is definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there! She knows a ton about fonts and her blog is SO MUCH FUN TO VISIT! Instead of me rambling on about her greatness, let me show you!

(The Questions are in black, her answers are in red, and my thoughts/comments are in green!)

Name you blog Under: Arial
Blog Name: In Italics
Favorite Genres: I love most genres, but I really love fantasy and contemporary the best.
Interesting facts about you: Some interesting facts about moi? Let’s see… I am pretty good at identifying fonts and such. Another passion of mine is graphic design and photography. A lot of my time is spent working on my school’s yearbook.
Any fav books or authors you want to mention? So my favorite author ever is Melina Marchetta because she is sort of fantastic. My favorite book of hers is Jellicoe Road, though her Lumatere Chronicles series is very, very good as well.
Favorite color? My favorite color is purple. I love it so much that I painted my walls a really deep purple.
Where are you blogging from? I am blogging from the grand state of Texas! Yee haw! (No one actually says that, just to be clear.)
What grade are you in? and or what’s your age? I am a sophomore and recently turned sixteen.

1.) So what was the factor that pushed you over the edge to getting a blog? Did you wake up one morning and hit the create button or did you think about it for days? Anything you wish you could change?

I have read book blogs for years. Seriously, I have probably been reading some for over three years. I love discovering new books and discussing them, so I thought, maybe I should start my own blog. I was really hesitant to start one though. It really took me over a year to make that decision.

I kind of wish that I explored some more themes first, but I am pretty happy with the one I have now. I sort of wish that I had splurged and bought the upgrade to remove ads from my site. That is my next goal.

(I personally love what your blog looks like now! And everything is so easy to find! I'm so happy that you decided to start blogging! It's been so much fun being able to talk to you about books!!)

2.) Are there any other teen bloggers out there who you want to give a shout out to?

There are so many great teen bloggers out there! One blog in particular is Lit Up Reviews. Four dedicated readers run it. They have some great content, so I think you should go check them out.

(Yes! So glad you mentioned them! I LOVE THEIR BLOG!!) 

3.) How do you manage to have a blog with school? I mean you probably have loads of homework and extracurricular activities! How do you juggle it all?

Uggh, school. I have loads of homework every night, which I am sure a lot of teen bloggers can relate to. Balancing school, the blog, and extracurriculars can be challenging. I try and prep my posts at least a day in advance. I try and have a new post up every day, but sometimes that’s impossible. I have just decided that I will just have fun blogging, and not worry if I don’t have enough time to do all that I would like.

(That is so true! Balancing school and other stuff as well as your blog can be such a challenge! And definitely don't worry about posting everyday! Sometimes it can get to be way too much!)

4.) Let's check your imagination! Go and pick a random follower and tell me their life's story! If you don't want to do them you can do me! And feel free to make it all up or if you want to be a detective....  DO IT!!!

(***NOTE: For those that don't know my name is Cal...actually it's longer than that, but I tend to shorten it....)

How could I not pick to write a story on you?

Okay here it goes.
Cal was born in the mystic mountains of the north. She grew up with animals, and learned to love the outdoors. One day, she discovered she could talk and understand all of her furry friends. She was amazed! Not knowing quite how to handle this extraordinary gift, she turned to books and reading. Cal fell in love with all of the stories, and decided to write one about herself and her super power. As the true author of Dr. Doolittle, Cal wanted to share her opinions and discuss with other readers. Before she could think twice, she had created a monster of a blog, Read Books and Live Green. This monster blog had exciting reviews and loads of cool giveaways. To this day Cal continues to blog with her best four-legged friend by her side.

How did I do? I may have taken some creative liberties.

(Okay...this is so awkward...It's kind of like you stalk me... HOW DO YOU KNOW MY LIFE'S STORY.... *glances around suspiciously* *Looks out over the mystic mountain range where she lives* Seriously though, where are you? You must be following me around to know all of that....)

5.) Now I'm sure that as a teen you want to take over the world. I mean what teen doesn't? So if there was a massive rebellion, what role would you play?
-The evil leader who is trying to squash the rebellion
-The rebel leader who instructs everyone and gives the commands. 
-The rebels oh so sweet best friend who supports that rebel!
-The dog trainer who sets dogs on either the rebels or the evil leader depending on your mood...
-The neutral person. You wouldn't care. What happens, happens. 

I have had world domination plans for quite some time. So of course I would be the evil leader who is trying to squash the rebellion. How dare you try to defeat me? Wait actually, I will have brainwashed my citizens so well, there will be no rebellion.

(Okay, that's brilliant! Brainwashing citizens is a must! And I always knew you had plans for world domination.... *Glances around and then runs into woods to escape Arial's brainwashing*) 

6.) I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME!!! Seriously it is so cool! How did you come up with it? And the whole “the slant on YA books”?! BRILLIANT! You can up with such a good theme!

Thank you! That really means a lot to me. I thought up lots of names and basically just sat down to brainstorm all the names I could come up with. As I said earlier, I really love fonts, so I knew I wanted something font related. “The Slant on YA Books” bit came from my love of puns.

(It just fits you so PERFECTLY!! And it's so obvious that you put tons of effort into your blog! And I love reading your font puns! Sometimes on twitter I see them and I just can't stop laughing! LOL!) 

You hear a noise coming from downstairs… NO ONE ELSE IS HOME… AND THEN YOU HEAR GLASS BREAK!
a    a.)    Hide under your bed
b    b.)    Grab a baseball bat and go whack that nasty intruder straight in the head
c   c.)    Grab a book and creep slowly down the stairs in order to make a run for the door
d   d.)   Grab a base ball bat AND a book so that after you get done bludgeoning the intruder you can read while waiting for the police

Hmmm. This is a really difficult. While I want to say that I would do D I know that I am probably more of the A type. I would be having a panic attack under the bed and totally thinking of the movie Taken.

(I feel like I'd do the same don't worry! SAVE YOURSELF FIRST!!!) 

8.) Whilst reading your review for Throne of Glass I noticed that you mentioned your kindle had died during the epic showdown. HOW DID YOU FEEL???? IT WAS KILLER WASN’T IT?? Did you go into a catatonic state?

THE FEELS. Picture this: Me, frantically turning (clicking) pages, devouring the epic battle. It’s about one in the morning and I have the school the next day, but I don’t care. I am loving all of the action, all of the suspense, all of the feels! And then nothing. My screen goes blank and my Kindle tells me it will take at least thirty minutes for me to keep reading. I was devastated. Completely devastated. I sat there stunned for a good five minutes.

(To get to her AMAZING review please click here. I think that I would have just started to cry! And then I probably would have waited the thirty minutes for it to charge....but I would have first had to go down and get some comfort food to console me....)

9.) I loved your BOLD Discussions, Fonts on covers post! How did you get to be so font knowledgeable??? Is there a certain font that you adore? One that you hate? What should I use for this post????

Well, thank you! Discussion posts are some of my favorite to write.
 My many years of yearbook experience have given me a finely-tuned font eye. I really love Helvetica and Georgia. My worst enemy is the much clichéd Comic Sans. I can’t stand that font. I have even asked a teacher to stop using it because I am that weird. I love the font you normally use! It has personality.

 (Okay here is the link to that discussion post! You guys should definitely check it out!!!!) (MY FONT HAS PERSONALITY! SCORE!!! And I've heard so much about the hated Comic Sans font....But I don't think my teachers have ever told me to use it... We New Yorkers put much faith in Times New Roman 12 pt. font.... And it is SO cool that you do the yearbook!!! That definitely seems like a fun experience! And the school is definitely lucky to have you! Without you everyone's eyes would hurt due to the awfulness of their font choices, but with you, there IS NO FEAR!!!)

10.) I love reading your posts about author signings!! I’ve never been to one! Care to share some of the feels about hearing your favorite authors speak???

Author signings are so much fun. I wish you could attend one soon! I love the excitement of meeting some of my favorite authors. Putting a person to a book is a really cool connection to make. Often times I get to ask the authors a question, which is pretty exciting. I hope that if you ever do have an opportunity to go, you take it!

(here is a link to her talking about Author signings in general, but you guys definitely need to go and check out her recaps! They are so much fun to read! And through these recaps I can live vicariously!! Trust me if I ever get the chance to go I will jump on it! But until that point, I'll just read your recaps!!!) 

11.) RANDOM PAGE QUOTE! Grab the nearest book flip to a random page, close your eyes and point to a quote! Write the quote down! Any opinion about it?

“I was a liar.” This quote comes from Out of the Easy, and the main character is a girl named Josie. At the time, she was lying to most everyone she knew, with good reasons though. I really loved this book, and think that the quote is extremely important to Josie’s characterization.

I've heard SO much about that book! And that does seem like a great quote! Thanks for sharing it!!) 

Best Teen Blogging friend or inspiration?  You and Leigh at Little Book Star have been very welcoming. :) 
(*blushes* Well it really has been SO much fun talking books with you!! Whenever you need to talk I AM HERE!) 
Time or Distance    Time
Iguana or bat      Iguana
Chicken or steak     Steak, yum.  (Good choice!!!) 
FAVORITE BOOK at the moment?  While Jellicoe Road will always be my favorite, I am going to go with Throne of Glass. That book has so many elements that I love in fantasy. I couldn’t help but notice that you are reading the sequel, Crown of Midnight. I can’t wait to find out what you think about it.
( I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of CoM, but I think that others will definitely enjoy it! And I definitely need to read Jellicoe Road! It sounds fantastic!) 

If you could meet any author dead or alive who would it be?
I would love to meet Melina Marchetta. She is insanely good at writing clever plots, and I would definitely love to learn more about her writing process.
(Good pick!!)

Alright everyone! I am so happy that I got the chance to find this AMAZING teen blogger! She is SO SUPER DUPER FRIENDLY and talking to her is a blast! So your mission now is to go stalk her blog... GO ON! DO IT AND YOU'RE COOL!!!

Where you can find Arial:
you can email her at


  1. Thanks so much for having me! Reading your responses was just as fun as answering the questions themselves. I am so glad to learn that I strike you as the sort of person to have world domination plans! No one is safe from me or my brainwashing! Mwahaha. (And any time you want to jump in on some font pun battles, feel free to join in!)

    Seriously, this interview means so much to me! I love this feature and think it is wonderful. Teen bloggers are some truly amazing and kind people!

  2. I have never read Jellicoe Road...I need too! Yes! I love the way your blog looks and the name of it! It would be horrible to be at a really good part in a book and then have your Kindle battery die! :( I love reading your discussion posts too! I have not read Throne of glass yet...I need to read it and Jellicoe Road! Great interview! :)

    1. Jellicoe Road is seriously fantastic, but you better have some tissues nearby! Thanks so much for the compliments! And feel free to join in on any discussion any time. :)

  3. I haven't read Throne Of Glass yet, because I had heard so many mixed things about it. But now I just might go and pick it up :-)
    Great interview as usual!


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