Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This day in history....

On a rainy day, six months ago a blog was born.

Now this blog may not have seemed like much, and truthfully many of you will agree that it still isn't, but this blog will someday do great things

So the truth is, I didn't start my blog to do great things nor do I intend to ever do great things (besides spreading the word about awesome books!) 

The reason I started my blog was mostly because I needed a place to talk about books and after lurking for well over a year on other blogs and seeing how much fun it looked, my blog came to life. 

I guess I also had other reasons though. 

I kind of wanted to see if I could carry through on a big project.
I also was bored, but that really sounds so much less interesting.....

Since I've begun blogging, I've read so many interesting books, I might not have otherwise tried., I've organised some of my chaotic thoughts, I've fangirled...A LOT. I've even gotten to interact with some of my favorite authors!! (And when one of these said authors follows me on twitter, I GO CRAZY!! O_O No lie.... When I got to host Elle Strauss for the Indie-Credible event I literally ran around my house yelling for joy....Or when I go to interview Romily Bernard about Find Me! Best bookish moments EVER!!!)

But to me one of the most important things that has happened is I've made friends. 

For me having someone to chat about books with is practically unheard of. 

It's something that I've always wanted to happen and have long considered stalking the YA section of my local B&N. (That would be way to creepy though!) 

Meeting all different bloggers, some with different reading preferences some with the same, it's been an amazing ride! 

On that note, I want to apologize about being such a bad blogger this past month!

At this point it hasn't even been about my insane lack of posting, it's more about the awful friend I've been.

Sometimes I'll read an AMAZING post by one of my favorite bloggers and I think... "JEEZ, that was such a good post! I need to comment on that later!" 
And do I? 

So, I am so sorry for all those blogs I've been abusing! I STILL LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

So guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sticking with me!!! Below are some of my lovely stats (which are a huge improvement over my original 0 followers....Hey, when I started I expected NONE, so this is very exciting!!!!!)

130 bloglovin' followers!!! 
34 email subscribers!!! (For those of you who don't know, every time I get a new email subscriber I feel so happy!!! Email is definitely the coolest way to make me happy!!! SO IF YOU WANT TO CAUSE HAPPINESS FOLLOW ME BY EMAIL!!!) 
241 TWITTER FOLLOWERS!! (I love talking to you guys on twitter!!!)
23 Linky subscribers (Which is a weird way to follow... I'm not even sure it works...)
9 Networked blog followers!!
61 GFC followers!!!
10 facebook likes!!! (Who uses facebook anymore????) 
12,449 PAGEVIEWS!!!
close to 2,000 unique visitors

The point to this long rant of excitement was to give a shout out to some of the best bloggers out there!!!

Erin @ YA Book Crush (Who is sadly no longer blogging!! *Cue tears*)
Benedicte @ Bimsebamse Book Reviews ( I love fangirling over books with her!!!)
Emz @ Icy Cold Reads (SHE IS AMAZING!! ENOUGH SAID!!!)
Jessica @ Just Another Teen Reading (I LOVE HER!!! SHE'S THE BEST!!!)
Em @ The YA Book Butterfly
Everyone @ The (YA) Bookcase (Seriously these guys write killer reviews and they are so fun to talk to!!)
Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland
Emily @ The Blue-Eyed Bibliophile (LOVE HER!!! She's so much fun to talk to!!!) 
Leigh @ Little Book Star
Savanna @ Kiki's Bookshelf
Kate @ Reading Under the Willow Tree (She always gives me the best advice!!)
Arial @ In Italics (I love her blog and discussion posts!! So cool!!! Plus she is sooo sweet!!!)
Zoë  @ Zoë 's Book Blog (Who made me an AWESOME BUTTON!!!)
Kaitlin @ Reading is My Treasure
Kaina @ These Flying Pages
Annie @ Random Reads

And to anyone else I may be forgetting! (Because I am definitely forgetting some people!!!!)

Also thank you to everyone who has supported Teens Take over and/or volunteered to participate in that feature!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!




  1. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Your blog is awesome!!! You are the best too!!!!!!! And congratulations again about your blogoversary!! :)

  2. Congrats on six months! You're a pro at blogging already! And thank you for mentioning me! That means so much! :) Hope you continue to be as awesome as you are. xxx


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