Friday, November 15, 2013

Authors take years to write there books, but readers can read them in a day.

So this has always been something that's annoyed me. I get that authors have put so much effort into their work. They want their work to be appreciated and savored.

I get that. I really do. 

Authors deserve to be appreciated by their readers. There books are some of the best things on earth. And people should appreciate them whether it means reading the book in a day or a week or a month or even a year, right?

So what had sparked this rant was that the other day I was just browsing through Twitter. Looking at the random tweets there were two that stuck out to me. 

One was from an author that I follow and the other was the one that the author had responded to. Neither of them were being intentionally mean, but both kind of irked me. The first one said something along the lines of I read your two books today in one sitting. And the response from the author was it took me years to write them and you finished in 24 hours. 

So I learned long ago not to mention to authors how quickly you've read their book. (Way long ago when I was like 10 I read a book where they had an author interview in the back and it said the authors worst moment was when someone had said to her about her books was that they had read it in like two hours.) and I do think that person was insensitive about their tweet because author's do PUT SO MICH EFFORT INTO THEIR BOOKS! THEY DESERVE CREDIT!!! 

But I was also annoyed that the author had responded back with a comment saying that it had taken her a few years and the reader had blown through them in a day. 

So I guess my big problem here is that I am a person who can read a couple books in a day no matter what they are. (As long as they're fun... 1984 took me several weeks to read..) So I felt annoyed that an author called a reader out on that. 

I really doubt that either were trying to be mean. The first was trying to pay a compliment and the latter was annoyed. 

So what's your take on this? 
Do you think author's have the right to be defensive about the amount of time a reader took to read their book?

Leave a comment! I'm curious as to what everyone thinks!!!


  1. I can't not read books fast ya know? I get into a zone when I start reading & it completely consumes me until I finish it. I feel like sometimes authors need to understand that if we read it all in one sitting (like I know I so often do), it's not a bad thing. It means we couldn't put it down. Just because we read it fast doesn't mean we're done with it. It stays with us for days, months, even years depending on the book. I understand though how it can be something they don't want to hear. I mean if readers put themselves in the author's shoes, chances are they'd feel the same way. In this case, the happy medium is a blurred line that can depend on so many things.


  2. If I was an author I think that I would be flattered that someone was so taken with my book that they couldn't put it down. As long as they are really reading it, and not just skimming. I have read quite a few books in just one sitting, that doesn't mean that I have enjoyed them any less than ones that took me a week to finish. As a matter of fact, I usually will re-read books that I only took one sitting to read because I know that I loved it enough to read it in one sitting. If it took me a really long time to read a book, it is unlikely that I will read it again.

    I think I wrote a post longer than yours but I put my two cents on the board!
    Great post!

  3. I feel like when I read a book quickly or breeze through it, it's because it's super awesome, and I love it so much that I'd procrastinate on my homework by reading the book. I don't think that readers ever mean for it to sound negative that they finished a book quickly, and I'd assume that most authors would understand this idea too.

  4. I'm an author and a reader. If I read a book quickly, then it was probably too good to put down. I can't stress enough that finishing quickly is POSITIVE not negative. You can't even begin to compare writing time to reading time. I dearly hope everyone reads my book in a day! That would make my day, month & year!

  5. I love this post! I agree - I'm absolutely flattered if someone says they read my book in a day or a sitting or couldn't put it down. It means I did something right. Yes, books do take a lot of time and energy, but that's the case with so many outlets. Months and years go into making movies yet we watch them in 2-3 hours. If someone took a year to read a book that took me a year to write, then I obviously did something wrong. Great topic! :)

  6. I totally agree with you! And now I'm annoyed at that tweet as well. I'm a fast reader, and I really do read an average of one book a day. Sometimes I manage to read about 30 books in a month, which is really saying something. And the fact that I read some books so fast is because they're so captivating that you can't put them down! It's worse if a reader took a week to read a book, because that clearly shows they aren't enjoying it as much as they could.
    Great post!


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