Friday, November 1, 2013

Discussion: The ins and outs of blogging

Recently if you follow my blog you may have noticed the lack of posts and my basic withdrawal from actually working on my blog. Nothing much has really changed and I know I probably haven't been very exciting.
To tell you the truth, I've been making excuses for myself.

I mean sure, school has been crazy and getting back into the flow of things has been killer. I've had a lot to do and with cross country going on, my schedule has been packed. Therefore my lack of posts must directly relate to how busy I've been.

Yeah.... NO....

In fact I've had time. There have been weekends where I've had nothing to do and instead of blogging I've done other stuff... (I have no idea what I've spent my time doing, but I'm sure it's been important....)

I just haven't felt like it.

The thought of sitting down and writing a post or a review made me want to run away.  I guess I could blame it on exhaustion, but that really isn't what it is. I t wasn't laziness either. I just wasn't having fun. I didn't want to take the time to comment on other blogs. I didn't want to take the time to work on my own.

I fell out of love with blogging.

Instead of feeling like I was putting my opinion out their I felt like I was just writing useless, pointless, words that no one would ever really care about. 

So I decided not to do much, to not put to much pressure on myself to write a half hearted post. 

Why bother doing something I wasn't enjoying?

During this time I've also been in a reading slump. Sure, I've read, but no wheres near as much as I used to and I wasn't even enjoying anything as much either. 

And then the other morning I woke up and wanted to write some posts. I actually was dying to write a review for a book and start one of the many discussion post ideas I've had. Right now I'm still kind of like the bear emerging from hibernation. Everything feels new and invigorating again after a long rest. 

I can safely say that I think I made it out of might slump! I really want to make some time to visit other blogs and comment again! I can't wait to finish up some of the current projects I'm working on and also just see where they go! 

I have NO CLUE why these past few months have been so hard for me, but I am super happy to start getting back in the swing of things! 
I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to and to start really putting my thoughts out there again! 

So tell me you guys! Have any of you just fallen into a pit you can't get out of? And you've tried and tried to get back into it and you just couldn't? 
Maybe this was just something that happened to me, but I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on it! 

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  1. Hey Calla! I completely get where you're coming from. I used to blog a while back (three years?) on my own under a pen name and I ALWAYS went up and down with I love this/this is a lot of grueling work. Not only is it a lot of work, but having a blog puts pressure on reading. It kind of has the same effect of reading for school. When you feel like there's a deadline, or someone waiting on you, it's more stressful and less enjoyable. I think all bloggers feel this way at some point. But it's okay to ride the waves. I feel like that with The (YA) Bookcase sometimes, but unfortunately it's my job and I can't just NOT post. But I'm sure you've seen lack of posting here and there. Most of that is do to no time, but there's also less passion behind it. However, I'm glad you're out of your slump! Like with anything, breaks are needed for a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective. Happy reading! ~Rachel


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