Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding the Time

So the wonderful Emz @ Icy Cold Reads has recently started an interactive discussion on her blog. And the question she asked was how do you find the time to blog?

My answer is just sometimes I don't. I'm pretty sure if you even look at my blog you'll see that often I do have some pretty sporadic posting and half the time it's entirely my fault. There is so much I have to do each day. Normally I wake up at 6:30 and get ready for school. I go to school until about two and get home at 2:30. Lots of time left right? WRONG!

Normally I participate in a sport throughout the school year (not this year because our school so kindly decided to cut our indoor track team. Thanks a lot school) but during the fall (Cross country) and hopefully the spring (track which I normally don't run, but plan to this year!) that's practice until about 5. Then I have to get home and eat and shower so there goes another hour. It's now SIX! Then add on those hours of homework. Figure a couple of chapters of English or an essay, some math, a history essay/reading, chem labs, chem homework, french homework, studying for a quiz/test, ect... There we go! It's now 9! My bed time is 10 and trust me when I say if I don't get enough sleep, I get a bit overemotional ABOUT EVERYTHING! So that leaves an hour of free time.
Then on the weekends I have anything from volunteering, to these really terrible leadership training things that last the whole freaking day, plus just the general other stuff I have to do and there goes that free time.

In short, I have normally have no time. (Right now though because of no track I have a couple extra hours) Could I use some of that extra time to blog? SURE! Do I want to use that time to blog? NOPE!

Here come the pivotal question: Where does reading fall in the importance scale?

For me it comes second only to school work. And blogging takes a distant fourth (third is family stuff).

I read to escape the world. To have an adventure in another character's shoes. To alleviate stress. To have fun. To relax. There are so many reasons why I read and all of those reasons directly relate to my general well-being. If I don't read before bed, I just can't sleep. If I don't read, I get a bit stir crazy. Reading is part of who I am.

And so is blogging. In no way do I mean that blogging has any less importance to me. It's just that other things will always come first for me.

Moving on though, when I do manage to find the time, I use a couple of tricks to use the time productively.
Because I am a big time waster I normally put my phone in a place that's not readily accessible. Like the other room, so I'm not tempted to look at it just to look.

I also use a website that blocks specific websites (i.e. Twitter) and keeps me a task.

Also recently because of the leadership training thing I mentioned above, I've been starting to make a to-do list every night before bed so that I can keep track of things that need to be done. (I guess that leadership thing has it's uses after all....)

I guess what I really need is just MORE TIME? But then again who doesn't?

So.... Any advice to finding the time to blog?
Or any thoughts on how to increase productivity? 

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