Thursday, December 5, 2013

How being a book blogger has effected me...

This is a big question for me.

I've been blogging for 8 months now and truthfully it feels like so much less time has passed! Seriously I still feel like I've been blogging for only a few months instead its been over half of a year!

And I guess that this post is a bit about my experience as a blogger. To me blogging has easily integrated itself into my life. Its become part of who I am and its pushed me so much these past few months.

I started my blog partially because I love reading, because well, yeah that's a given, but it was also a way for me to prove myself. I'm not the kind of person who sticks with things, and I'm also not the kind of person to give things up. A lot of times for me I go into a project strong and then I kind of die half way through. I loose the sense of... urgency, drive, I guess that I had when it began. And I DO finish the project, but normally it's not something I can look back on and I see that I gave it my all.

Does that make any sense?

I actually created my blog and I was aiming to keep it going for a couple months, but I didn't think I would like it enough to keep doing it.

But then a couple months later and BAM, I'm still here. I've definitely had some lulls in the enthusiasm and the posting, but I haven't given up!

And I'm proud of myself for that!

Book blogging has also given me a niche to fall into. Admittedly, I've never been the most friendly or outgoing person in the world, but it's not like I've ever been completely friendless. Somehow though I've never really felt like I've belonged, like I fit in. I have friends, but most of them I have practically nothing in common with! And I've never really tried to push myself to go out of my comfort zone socially.

Book blogging has given me stability and a sense of belonging and somehow, I've become more confident through it  I guess it all narrows down to the feeling that I'm not alone in the world. Just because most of the people at my school are jerks doesn't mean everyone is! (I'm talking about fellow book bloggers here, not book characters....)

Recently in real life I've really been pushing myself to be out there and put my thoughts into a discussion instead of being a pushover, to do things that I haven't done before.

I give credit to book blogging for that. I give credit to other book bloggers who are all so sweet and friendly and have really convinced me I'm NOT alone in the world. (A feeling I've been told that all teens should have)

On that note, thanks for reading my ramblings.


And if you're not a blog what do you think of the blogging world?


  1. Affected* :P

    I think that book blogging has made me realise the sheer number of books available to read. Before I started blogging, I thought that if I had enough time, I could eventually read every book I've ever wanted. Now, I know that I'll have to be a full-fledge vampire to ever catch up.

    1. Whoops! So bad with the whole grammar thing! Thanks for the correction!
      Ugh! I'm still trying to convince myself it's possible! Before blogging I couldn't find enough books to read and now? SO MANY!
      I definitely am going to have to look into becoming a vampire! Thanks for stopping by!


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