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Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren

Cascade (River of Time, #2)Title: Cascade
Author: Lisa T. Bergren 
Genre: YA, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Time Travel, Adventure
Series: Rivers of Time #2

Rating: One Tree

The Premise

My Thoughts
Going into this book, I have to admit I was excited. I really enjoyed the first one, and while I never really thought it was beyond fabulous I still thought it was a decent book.
But then I started this one and I was not feeling it at all.
Like at all….
There were some major flaws that I found, flaws that only seemed to affect me as a reader. For this book I was the black sheep. After finishing I was messing around and I started to read some reviews. Most were glowing. Within a few minutes I realized the overwhelming number of reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads were EXTREMELY positive.
That’s not really the point of this review though. It’s more of a warning….
If you were one of those that enjoyed the book, then you should probably just close out of this page because I am not holding back any punches. I need to rant.
***This review will be composed of LOTS of quotes…. You have been warned…*** (I read it on my kindle from the library and forgot to write down the percentages and by now I returned it…)

"Medieval bug or medieval hottie?"
*Laughs so hard* In the 1300s hygiene was the pits. I don't think anyone was sanitary and did they even brush their teeth? Or bathe? That smell! Woah, total hottie, ALL THE WAY! (Did the author research this at all? Or did she just hope that maybe SOMEWHERE in the 1300s there would be a town of really hot, sanitary people?)

"Mom wouldn't like my hatred. She'd always taught us to love everyone,"
LOVE! YES! LOVE THINE ENEMY! I mean why not? It's not like their asking for your head or anything! Nope! Love them despite their faults!

"Freaks, I thought. Who keeps piles of dead petals anyway?"
*laughs to self, once again* Well, first there is this thing called potpourri, which smells good and I believe involves dried petals. Also, drying flowers, I'm pretty sure anyways, was a popular thing in the 1300s. They helped with the odors. (I believe I have already established the INCREDIBLE smell of the 1300ss...)

There is a part where Gabi suffers severe hydration. She can't even move or speak and it's just terrible. I don't think it was even two days before this occurred. Thankfully, the amazing Marcello came to save her and gave her a sip of water. Within minutes she was completely revived and totally okay with running and fighting and all. First please note that in The Hunger Games, Katniss managed to go far longer. And survived much better than our dear little Gabi. But Katniss had a far lower pain tolerance than Gabi.... How does this make any sense?

"I was hated here. Really hated for what? They didn't know me! All I had done was fall in love with a son of Siena! And also help my sister escape an evil lord. I hadn't really done anything that any of them might not have done in my pace, had the tables been turned..." 
Ahhh! I see now! So all those men you killed, you thought would have no ties? I understand so much more! You see Gabi is so privileged and special everything, even killing, is right, but when they do it, noooo! IT IS SO WRONG! HOW DARE THEY! This just screams hypocrite... I mean I'm not saying that if I had been in the same situation and my brother was in danger and likely to be killed, I would have done the same thing as her. But not understanding that there are two POV, bothered me. These people are angry because people they know and loved were killed and injured by her They have a right...

"So it is true," I said. "The men of Firenze must always resort to violence."
Didn't you have someone's ears cut off? That's not violence at all! *HYPOCRITE*
"Dude. This is SO Nancy Drew. And Harry Potter. Nancy Potter."
This quote doesn't seem too bad, right? But WAIT! Here's the context of it!
"I heard the dull sound of a metal latch unhooking, and a door opening behind a moth-eaten tapestry in front of me.
Dude. This is SO Nancy Drew. And Harry Potter. Nancy Potter.
I pulled aside the cloth and glanced at the small door in the wall beyond it, back to Marcello. "A hidden passageway."  

Even that doesn't sound monumentally bad, but first of all she never really addresses the thought again. It's kind of like the author went, hmmm... I should throw in some references to popular books that my readers might have enjoyed! They'll love this quote! And then she might have though and why not throw in a Dude! I mean it isn't like I've written the ENTIRE book and he book before that, using purely medieval language even in my characters thoughts! This won't seem random at all!
My problem with it, was just that it was so out of place!

""I raised a brow. "What's not to like? He's funny. You love funny guys. And handsome, in that California-dude (my bad... I guess they do use dude a couple other times... but still...) look you're into. And loyal.Not to mention clever and strong. He's way better than that guy in Boulder who always texts you."
"Well, yeah...but you can hardly compare them. Their lives are so different_"
"So are ours, with these guys. Marcello, Luca. They're men, Lia. Not boys. It takes guys at home another ten years to have the maturity that these guys have."" (I was having an extremely difficult time not laughing at this part... I mean smelly, unsanitary guys? That's so hot! Right.....)
So this is Gabi trying to convince Lia that she's in love and that they should stay in this time to forever be with those they love.... If I was Lia, I'm pretty sure there would have been a point when my fist connected with Gabi's face. Like, who is she to tell Lia who to love. And also lets take note that it was for Gabi's own selfish purposes. (Staying with her beloved Marcello, forever and ever and ever and ever and then ever again because most likely they'll go to heaven for all eternity and be there forever and ever ad ever....)

Also during the course of the story, the lovely Gabi manages to break a couple ribs, bruise a couple others, and then did something to her thigh (I forget what) and all through this because of her incredibly high pain tolerance she can go on and fight and run and do all that she could before and then every once in a while  say, oh, I am in so much pain. Darn. Because that's super believable!

"Let's look for some foxglove," she said. "Remember how last year Mom made us that tea every time we got a headache?"
Interesting fact. Foxglove is EXTREMELY poisonous. It can kill! (Remember that episode of Psych where the murder weapon was foxglove in someone's tea...) And I even looked it up. As far as I can tell there is no making Foxglove tea.... I might be wrong here, but I just don't think it's possible. And if it is, does someone want to let me know? =D

Can we also take note on how dependent Gabi was on Marcello? The entire book she doesn't want to leave this time period because her beloved Marcello is still here! (And she's known him for how long?) She wants to give up her entire life in the 21st century (i.e. normal clothes, good hygiene, education, a period where women weren't treated as inferior, a time where you'll live past 40, ect...) and live in the 1300s constantly in danger, with a bunch of idiots? Such a smart girl! She is trying to convince her mother and sister to stay, and never once considers taking Marcello back to their time where they would all be a whole lot happier and healthier...
Personally I think that I was the only rational person throughout the book.... I mean why should the oh, so, wonderful Marcello get everything?

At this point I’m kind of hoping that most people who loved this book have just stopped reading. But right now I just to rant a little and it could potentially offend some people….

Going into this book I did not realize that this was Christian fiction. And oversight on my part perhaps. I did after all read the first book and it did have that mega religion feel, but the books are set in the 1300s, so of course they should have that whole Christianity feeling. I get that and in no way did I hold it against the book and go into it thinking: “Since there is religion, I SHALL HATE IT!” Because no! I didn’t care.

And maybe since it was Christian fiction I have no right to be offended by this quote…. But I was.

"I knew a few agnostics and atheists, too, but most of them took the title to get attention."
It might not even have been so bad if it was someone from the 1300s saying it, but it was the main character. A girl from the 21st century.
Repeatedly throughout the book I found slight… digs almost about religion. As if Christianity is the only possible religion. As if those of us that don’t believe in a god don’t have the right to believe that.
I also hate the fact that agnostics were included in this slight. Atheism is an extreme, I get that. I get that people might not respect it… But agnostic?! C’mon now….
Throughout the book it felt as though my beliefs were being trashed while the entire time I had nothing but respect for the beliefs shown throughout the book.
Religion in books doesn’t bother me. I respect what others believe, but I expect that same right and after reading this book…. I don’t think I’ll ever purposely pick up a Christian Fiction book again, just because I don’t want to be insulted.

In no way did the last part about religion effect my ENTIRE decision about the book. There were many other factors that contributed to a one star.

I hope that I didn’t offend anyone with my talking about religion. That was in no way my intention. I completely respect others opinions on that topic and no way does this book effect my opinion about religion as a whole.

The Rating

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