Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Ten Blogging Resolutions for 2014

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Top Ten Blogging Resolutions

So this post is a bit late, but the topic for today is a rewind post and since I skipped doing this at the beginning  of the year I figured I might as well go back and post this! (I even had the entire thing written up already... but I forgot to post it!) Anyhow here are some of my blogging resolutions for the upcoming new year.

1.) COMMENTING... I am the absolute worse at doing this... and it's a terrible habit because truthfully how would book bloggers get along in blogging without comments. Comments are extremely IMPORTANT and the fact that I am not a blogger that goes out there and comments on as many blogs as possible is just wrong... How should I expect to succeed if I don't try and help others to as well?
How I'm going to do this~ Each day I have time in the morning and afternoon where I'm not doing stuff and I'm just hanging out on Twitter or something... I'm going to make sure I spend at least 15 minutes a day commenting on other blogs. (Okay maybe not everyday because homework and stuff... but most days!)

2.) I'm going to clean out my inbox...So I follow A LOT of blogs by email. (And when I say a lot I really do mean A LOT) and most I love following, but some I'm just like, I have no clue why I follow them! We don't even have the same taste in books! So I'm just going to work on hitting the unsubscribe button for some of them, even if it kills me.. I hate unsubscribing!

3.) Commenting back on my blog~I'm absolutely terrible at doing this on a regular basis, sometimes I do massive ones for posts dating back from forever... Definitely must work to break that habit and I'll be setting a couple of minutes aside to comment back each Friday....

4.) Posting 5 times a week...~ To a lot of people this may not seem like much! (Lots go for daily posting) but I just can't handle more. For me, school AND reading always will come first, but I do know that for the most part if I use my time wisely I should be able to do this. (Not counting midterms, AP test and the couple weeks leading up to it, and finals because there is no way I can handle ALL of that!) What this would include would be a Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, a review, a discussion, as well as a Teens Take Over post or a new idea I will be working on.

5.) Get back into Teens Take Over~ I never really got out of this, but what happened is I sent out a whole bunch of questions to people and then I never got them back... which is cool because I know how busy they are, but it just meant that I never had more to post. So I'm going to work on finding more people interested in doing this feature.

6.) Work on interacting with new people~ This kind of goes in real life too... I need to talk to new and different people MORE! (Not that I don't love the people I already talk to...)But I really want to get out there more and meet new bloggers as well as new people.

7.) Read more...~Okay, recently I have been falling a bit behind on the whole reading thing. Why? Cause of school plus everything else I have to do ad I really need to remedy that. So with any luck I'll be able to get out of this little reading slump...

8.) Keep my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads updated~ I write reviews and then I don't ever post them to Amazon and Goodreads... And I really need to do it instead of doing it all at one tme because let's face it, that's killer!

9.) Reread some of my favorite books~Because I just need to do this... Okay???

10.) Promotion~ Another of the million things I'm terrible at! I normally tweet about my posts once... at midnight when it automatically tweets it for me... Sometimes I completely forget to link up my WoW and TTT.... Embarrassing right? SO I'm going to work on doing that more often.

11.) Spelling and Grammar~ (I literally just spelled spelling wrong too...) Knowing me, this could always use work!

12.) Redesign and Name Change...~Well the redesign is a definite... And I'm seriously considering a name change... (That might be because the amount of spam comments I've gotten about greeen living has skyrocketed...)

What are so of you blogging resolutions?


  1. OOh nice resolutions!! Good luck to you in accomplishing them all!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Numbers 1, 3, 7, and 11 are all ones I need to work on, too! And rereading books is really fun, I hope you get time to! I hope you get more people interested in Teens Takeover, too! I love reading them! :) Good luck with all of these goals! :)

  3. Great pick. There are a lot of these that I could really work on myself. I especially want to redesign as I don't think mine looks that great but I am really bad at design. Nice list :) My TTT.


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