Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons why I love Book Blogging

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC IS: Top Ten Reasons why I love being a book blogger/Reader...
1.) The other bloggers... This is one of those duh moments... Getting to talk to people who love books and genuinely care about what you're saying is an amazing feeling. I love the fact that I have friends that I can so easily relate to, even if I've never met them in person before!

2.) Sharing my opinion~ I love being vocal and telling people what I think so for me that's a big part of blogging, being able to say that this book was AWFUL or that this book was AMAZING.

3.) Being able to work with authors~ For most of my life I've idolized authors. To me authors are kind of like movie stars. And as a blogger, I've been able to work with some amazing ones and that has been incredible!

4.) It gives me something to do in my spare time besides reading. If I didn't blog I would read... Or more likely I would just end up wasting even more time on my computer doing who knows what! (I know that seems impossible right?)

5.) I love working with other bloggers. Yes this is different then blogging friends. Working with other bloggers has been a spectacular experience, and some of those other bloggers I barely know, but quickly they have become friends!

6.) As a reader I LOVE being able to escape into other worlds. Getting the chance to read about things that would never happen in real life is a great feeling. 

7.) I also love getting the time to read because I kid you not, I am that much more prepared in English class. I learn some of the randomest things while reading and sometimes in school a question about one of those things comes up and I look like a genius because no one else knows it but me. I also understand things A LOT better because of reading. For example: Without reading 1984 I would NEVER have understood any of the societal problems throughout the Soviet Union.

8.) I also love being a reader because I feel really safe at night. As a reader I have a bazillion books just chilling in my room and if anyone ever broke into my house and came into my room in the dead of the night I have many things to swing at them.... SUCCESS!!!

9.) As a reader I can experience things that non-readers CAN'T. I mean can they say that they've traveled on a flying beast during World War One, or seen angels fall from the sky as the world ends, or a million other things? NO THEY CAN'T, BUT I CAN!!!!

10.) I'm like, 30000000 times more prepared for the apocalypse than they are. Sure they might watch Walking Dead and know a few measly things about survival, but I? I know it all. I could so survive this apocalypse.....

ANYHOW... That's why I love reading and blogging... 
WHAT ABOUT YOU? Why do you LOVE it????


  1. Niiice! I love reading and the escapism as well! Blogging has been fun because I finally found people who share my reading interests! Love everything about it!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Yes! Definitely! Blogging has been such an amazing experience because of all the friends I've found!

  2. Your list made me smile. Your reasons are kind of amazing. :) I agree, reading and escapism are two of the best things ever.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thank you! And YES! Reading and escapism are both WONDERFUL things!

  3. Great picks :) Being able to escape into a good book is such an incredible feeling, it's why I can't go a day without picking up a book. I laughed so hard at your last point... it's so very true, I AM PREPARED :D My TTT

    1. Thank you! Escapism is truly a wonderful thing! YES! You are so prepared! I'm telling you this is the top reason as to why people should read!

  4. Good list, I agree with the whole reading lets you escape to another world which is great and then I also agree with reading can teach about a lot of random things that you wouldn't otherwise learn.

    1. Definitely! There are so many random things that books have managed to teach me!


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