Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Popular Authors I've never read

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THIS WEEK'S TOPIC IS: Top Ten Seven Popular Authors I've Never Read

1.) Leigh Bardugo~ So I've yet to read Shadow and Bone... I know! I'm terrible! I sort of started it and I just wasn't in the mood soooooo..... yeah... I've never actually read the book, therefore Leigh goes on the list of super popular authors I've never read.....

Stephenie Meyer2.) Stephenie Meyer~ Yep... Never have I ever read her books. Not even because I hate the idea of them, but because they aren't really my interest. I mean vampires? NOPE! But I do think The Host sounds interesting, so maybe I'll check that one out!

Sarah Dessen3.) Sarah Dessen` Yeah.... This is a huge one. I've never read anything by Dessen.. They don't seem like my kind of books.

4.) Markus Zusack~ I read the first few pages of The Book Thief, but I really didn't enjoy his writing style. Same for I am the Messenger. Not my type of style. They bored me.

5.) Phillip Pullman- I think his Dark Materials series is pretty popular, but I don't think I read them. (Although that could be wrong. I read a lot of books as a kid and don't remember all of them.)

6.) Jay Asher- This is an author that I've always meant to read, but never have!

7.) Laini Taylor- Her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series looks fantastic... I've just never read them..... I need to get on that!

Okay... Well, there are a million authors out there, but I can't think of many popular authors that I haven't read ANYTHING from. Like I'm so close to not reading any John Green, but I broke down last year and read The Fault in Our Stars... Did not enjoy it and haven't read anything since.

Beyond that I can't think of any popular authors I haven't tried. When things get popular I get curious!


  1. I wish I could say I never read Meyer. I have long since donated her books though. Sarah Dessen is a popular choice today. I read her books way long ago when I didn't have enough paranormal books to read, because such a time did exist when I was a teenager!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  2. The only author on your list that I have read a book from before is Sarah Dessen! It wasn't bad, but the content level of a few of her other books has kept me from reading them. I began Twilight, but haven't finished it... I might try it again eventually! :) If you read any of these authors books, I hope you love them! :)


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