Thursday, July 31, 2014

My thoughts on DNFing

Personally I've always considered myself to be a realist. I see things for what they are and I accept that. Yet when it comes to reading I never manage to keep that view.
I always go into a book believing that it has the potential to be the best book I've ever read. It could be about something I despise or adore or it could be something completely new or something overused.
To me each book has that potential to completely blow my mind and truthfully I won't normally pick up a book that I don't think I'm going to like.

But then, I'm sure you all know that feeling when you get to a book and just hate it. For some reason it doesn't sit right with you and you just don't want to go on. 

So maybe at first you just continue to push on and think this will get better. I mean it has to, right? It's a book it has to get better. But there gets to be a point where you just start to think it's impossible for it to redeem itself and that is the point when most people would DNF because really, what's the point of wasting your time on a bad book when there are SO MANY good books out there! 
Unfortunately that's not me and I'm not sure it ever will be. To me even books that bore me to tears, I still need to finish. I stay optimistic and keep thinking it will get better even if I'm two pages from the end. I JUST CAN'T STOP MYSELF. It's often like a car crash for me, it may be terrible and awful but I can't bring myself to ever look away.
I can count on one hand the number of books that I've DNFed..... And that means I've read some extremely unenjoyable books straight through until the end.

What brought on this post though is an issue that I've had of late. I have read several books in a row that I just wasn't into. I put them down and then picked them back up hoping that all of a sudden it would get better and also so that I could satisfy my curiosity, yet all that it has really done has been to put me in a reading slump....

So my question to you all is how do you decide to DNF a book?
Are there any tips that you can give me to make it easier? 


  1. I have a rough time DNFing books as well! Most of the books I put down are ones that I never even started or only read like ten pages of. Because once I pass a certain point in a book (usually 100 pages), I'm just like what's the point in DNFing? Just push on and finish it and have another review to write (I know that sounds horrible). But I'm pretty particular about the books I read, I'll only read them if I like the sound of it and have read a few good reviews for it so usually I don't end up with a book that I dislike so much I really feel the need to DNF.

    Soooo I don't think I'm the best person to offer advice because I suck at DNFing as well. I don't think I can just say "stop reading it" because I know I have the same problems as you when it comes to this issue!

  2. I find it really easy to DNF books. I usually give a book 50-100 pages (depending on its length) if things aren't slowly getting interesting I move on. Honestly, I think it's a matter of slowly training yourself to pick up a different book instead.


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