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Mafia Girl: Review

Mafia GirlTitle: Mafia Girl
Author: Deborah Blumenthal
Genre: YA, Crime, Contemporary, Romance
Series: None
Rating: 2 trees

Gia's father is the head of a powerful mob in New York City. Since Gia is the "don's daughter", as she feels the need to consistently remind the reader, she is living the high life. After Gia and her BEST FRIEND Ro get pulled over for speeding, being drunk, and potentially being high, Gia falls in love with the cop. *DUN, DUN, DUN*
Gia also has to deal with everyday matters like running for class president and being featured in Vogue! Yet she juggles it all using her awesome connections and friends.

I don't know if you can tell from the summary of the book that I wrote, but my thoughts on Mafia Girl are not all that positive.
I picked this up hoping it was going to be a light, fun read, maybe even something that could pull me out of my reading slump. Instead I got a book where I was forced to reread passages in order to understand what the heck was going on. There were several times when Gia was doing something and then BOOM something completely different was happening at a different place and I didn't even realize the setting changed. So then I would go back and reread the passsage two or three times trying to make sense of it all.
For example:
So when he grabs my hand, I follow him into the laundry room.
Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One.
The door to my room flings open and me dad x-rays me so hard I can practically feel the burn.
Do you see my point? At first s'hes in the laundry room and then BAM it's her bedroom. I was feeling so confused...

Another thing about this book that I hated was Gia 's need to label every single person in the entire school with some type of derogatory term.
...what I'll say to the a**holes at Morgan to get the to vote for me...
Man, I would totally vote for her if she was at my school she doesn't seem stuck up or nasty at all! Gia truly believes that she is better than every single person in her school... BUT then at the same time she hates herself a little bit. She was constantly calling herself a slut and her friends also referred to her as such.... (which confused me even more because she didn't seem the least bit slutty....)

Basically in Gia's perfect the world, EVERYTHING revolves around her. Her friends think she is so amazing! When she first tells them about running for class president the response she gets is is immediate. The tell her how freaking amazing she is and how she will win. Which I mean is cool and everthing, except for the fact that she's a  absolute jerk towards the entire school. How could you possibly win with that kind of reputation?

I would also like to point out that Gia is a stalker. After being puller over by a cop, who she refers to as Officer Hottie, she proceeds to have her friends hack things in order to find out where he lives, where he goes when he's off work, and even his entire back story. Because ya know, that's not creepy at all!!!
When she meets up with him at this bar (after sneaking out of her house) she proceeds to give him her number and tells him that he should call her... (Can we also please note that she went to a bar that was full of cops and managed to use her fake ID to buy beer and wasn't caught...)

It's been one week, sixteen hours, and thirty seven minutes or so since I've last seen Michael. I check my phone every time I inhale to see if he might have broken down and called.

So after he still hasn't called her she finds him again, where she once again completely freaks both him and the reader out.

I wake up at night thinking about you, Michael.
(There is one point where he calls her and they jusr sit there silently and listen to each other breath... How creepy can it get?)

 There were several other places where there were inconsistencies in the writing and with the characters. At one point Gia complains about not having Michael's number where only pages before he had just texted her asking to meet up and she had replied. Gia also kept talking about how Ro was her absolute best friend with Clive at a close second, yet I can barely remember any sections focusing on Ro. It was all about Clive and his terrible life where his parents don't love him. (I also found this hard to believe. I can't believe his parents would just leave him around like that and act as though he was inconsequential... The author tried to make a valid reason for there actions, but it didn't make much sense to me.)

I also completely don't understand how Gia can constantly talk about being a straight A student and then do what she does. I also thought her dream seemed a bit out of place... ***Highlight this next part to see a spoiler*** I don't get why she wants to go to law school. I completely don't see her motivations or why her dad would be so happy about it. I also don't understand how she'll be able to get into law school with her arrest record.... I don't understand her plan....

Mafia Girl had potential, yet I found it to be lacking in so many aspects. The characters were weak and the plot was basically about Gia and Michael's epic romance. There were other events (like Vogue and the school election along the way) but in the big picture it didn't really matter.

I really wish that before picking up the book I had read reviews for it so that I wasn't so surprised. Mafia Girl just wasn't the book for me.


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  1. I barely remember a single thing that happened in this book (except for the stalking and the bad writing). :D This was the first novel I ever gave only one star. There was just nothing about it that I liked, which is odd for me. Great review, Cal. :)


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