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IF you want to learn about me reading and reviewing your book read the paragraph below. If you are interested in an interview of some other kind of bookish thing, please scroll down to the end part of this post. There will be bright red exclamation points marking the new area!

Okay, friends, amigos, people of the world, let's take a second (a quick second, I promise!) to speak of book topics that I ADORE! And topics that I HATE!

I LOVE YOUNG ADULT!!!! This is also a YA book blog..... so yeah.....
Contemporary --People who are not me, have SUCH interesting lives! But watch out the Contemps. that I do read, I am very picky about...
Fantasy-- Fantasy is such a fun genre! Not only is the world building fun, I love living in a characters world that is soooo different from mine. I love both High and Urban fantasy!
Sci-Fi--Hands down Sci-Fi is one of the coolest genres EVER to exist. I mean traveling across the Universe or perhaps to the center of the earth, Count me in! If there are crazy cool creatures then that's even better!
DRAGONS: Technically this is part of the fantasy genre, but for me it is a land of it's own! Dragons are just awesome!
Fairytale retelling: Yes....just yes. Fairytales are so cool no matter if they are set way long ago or present day! I love to read about them!
Steampunk--I love Steampunk SO much I am willing to read ANY book in that genre. If your book is steampunk then you have me hooked!
Mystery--I LOVE MYSTERY BOOKS!! As a kid I was OBSSESED with Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and the Dana Girls....To this day I remain obsessed!
Historical Fiction- Yes I am that total nerd who loves historical fiction... but be forewarned, I am very picky. If I read something about the Civil war, I expect your character to use words and phrases that are from that time period. And if you think that you can get away with giving me a book that has inaccurate language I will drop my rating. (Fact: The word lowlife was first used in 1911 according to the Merriman-Webster dictionary....)
Words that instantly make me pick up a book: Dragons, Aliens, Bows and arrows, Robin Hood, dog sidekick, Steampunk, mad/rabid monkeys (I've yet to find a book under this topic.....If you see one let me know!) Outdoorsy, Nature, Lost in the wilderness, Mystery, a little bit of Romance, animals, wildlife biology, zoology, zoos, introverts, hiking, snarky sarcasm,

Pure Romance--Do I look like someone who loves romance novels.....Well you can't see me, but if you could then you would agree. I don't mind Romance AT ALL! In fact I love books if they have some, but if the whole book is romance driven, then I'm probably not interested.
Horror--I am normally not afraid of much. I can watch super scary movies and read super scary books and be totally fine....but I always find them boring. I don't mind some fear, some anticipation, but I'm just not a scary book reader....
Books not appropriate for young people under the age of 17 or 18 due to sexual content and other stuff-- OKAY, I AM A TEEN! I like on the cleaner side reads. If your book has graphic sexual content (even if it is marked YA) I DON'T WANT TO READ IT!!! Just walk away now, I am so not interested! (No offence intended. I'm sure your books are fantastic, but they just aren't my thing)
Words that will turn me away: Eating disorders, contemplating suicide, alcoholic Main Character, abuse of children and/or animals, extreme drug use, OD, bullies, ect...

I love MG books, but they have to be pretty special sounding. Preferably fantasy or sci-fi. I am way more of a YA reader so I'm a bit pickier about MG books.

I've read some really good New Adult books, but I'm still pretty weary of the genre (No offence, but a lot of NA books are way more intense then YA books.... I mean not all are like that, but still) I believe the NA that I've read (and loved) have been of the fantasy genre (The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard, Cassie Scot ParaNormal Investigator by Christine Amsden) I'll give it a shot, but I'm more careful about these books.

***NOTE*** I realize that this sounds so wrong and kind of mean, but I do prefer books with first person POV. I have nothing against third person, but I take a longer time to read them..... just because that is how I function....

So if you're still reading this then perhaps you are an author interested in me reviewing your book! AWESOME! So first of all I will read Indie/Self Published! I love finding new unknown or even known books to spread the word.
So since you made it past the first round then fill out the check list below to see if your book qualifies!

After all that I've put you through and your still here? My, I am impressed! So you really want me to review your book don't you? If you lasted through all that is above then you are dedicated...either that or you skipped all of it...which makes me feel sad.... So now you're probably thinking. Well if I ask this girl to review my book what will she put in the review and what are her system/rule thingys??? Well my rating system can be found here. And here is what I vow to include in my review:

  • THE COVER!!! (how will you get attention if you have no cover in the post!!)
  • The author's name! (I worry that if I forgot this you might feel sad... Don't worry I got your back!)
  • The genres it is (according to how Goodreads users shelve your book and my own opinion...)
  • If it is part of a series or if it is a stand alone
  • who I would recommend it to
  • The age group (YA, MG, NA)
  • A disclaimer saying where I got the book and that it in no way effected my review!
  • A summary via Goodreads...(If I dislike the summary then I'll change it.)
  • What I thought...(I write different formats depending on how it is best to present the book... i.e. Pros/Cons, My Thoughts, tables/charts)
  • My rating (I rate using a specific, very strange and different system, but I also include what it would be in stars...) You can find that system here.
  • My Overall take (Instead of specific details, I sum up the whole book and how I felt.)
  • The questions:
  • At request I can include an author bio, author picture, a small excerpt of my fav (non-spoilery part), Places to find the author (links: Twitter, Facebook, Website, blog) Where to buy the book (links to amazon, B&N, The Book Depository) among other things....

Still interested in having me review your book? Please fill out the form below.
You can chose not to fill out the form and just shoot me an email with the information needed instead. (I was really enjoying the creation of Google Documents case you were wondering why there were so many different ones...I'm just cool like that...)

So now you're here for something like an interview right..... Or maybe you're just browsing my blog...either way, YOU ARE AWESOME!

So I'm not an awesome interviewer or anything, but I am willing to give anything a shot. I would also totally do a book spotlight.....or something along those lines. Please fill out the pretty form below!

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