My rating system is based on a half star rating system up to five stars... Except for the fact instead of stars there are trees because trees are way more fun!
As a warning, many of my older reviews are based on a different system and I haven't finished updating all my reviews yet.

Zero Trees~I don't think I've EVER read a book that I thought was zero stars... but hey... might as well include it.

Half a Tree~I don't think I've ever rated a book half a star either... but whatever.

One Tree~ For one star books it generally means to me the book was terrible with no redeeming qualities. I would probably never recommend this book to anyone.

One and a Half Trees~ This isn't much better than one tree. Unfortunately this rating would indicate that I did not find the book enjoyable at all. There would most likely be severe flaws in the book and problems that I could not reconcile. I would not recommend this book.
Two Trees~ Two Stars indicates that I was not a fan of the book. It had a few qualities that I really liked, but beyond that it wasn't really worth reading it.

Two and a Half Trees~ This indicates that the book was okay, but still not a good read for me. It has redeemable qualities, yet I had so many problems with it.

 Three Trees~ This rating would indicate that I thought the book was okay. I liked it well enough, but I still had problems with it. There were obvious flaw, and yet I still thought the book was decent.
Three and a Half Trees~ This book was so close to being awesome, yet there must have been a few flaws holding me back from giving it four trees.
 Four Trees~ This book was awesome! I still had problems with it, but overall I thought it was a great read! I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.
 Four and a Half Trees~ SOOOOO close to perfection! (Or as perfect as a book can be)There may be one or two things that I just didn't like. I would definitely recommend this to as many people as possible!



  1. Lol. I love your rating system! I came across a book review and saw the Bison, and I just had to rush and check out your key.
    Love it!


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