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Teens Take Over: Icy Cold Reads

(The banner was made by the wonderful Emz over at Icy Cold Reads! FYI: HER BLOG IS BEAUTIFUL!)

So if you haven't heard (either on Twitter or by looking at the tab up above) I have decided to start a new feature on my blog called Teens Take Over! 
I am so excited to be able to have the chance to interview some of my fellow teen bloggers and also be able to tell everyone the complete greatness of teens!

To see more about this new feature and the background behind it, either go click on that BEAUTIFUL banner or go to the tab up above!

So for those of you living under a rock and you haven't heard, Emz is amazing to put it simply. Let me tell you a bit about our friendship:

I was on twitter stalking a few authors when I came across her profile... not sure how, but I did. So I followed her, because she seemed intereasting and her blog was really pretty...
Several days later I saw a tweet about this amazing post she'd written about YA movie adaptations. (can be found here. It's an amazing post! Check it out!!) 
So I commented and then began to stalk her blog....
She became one of my best blogging friends and Twitter buddies.
And when I say excited, I mean the jump up and down and squeal excited! I really did that when she said she'd do it!!!
So below is our interview with my questions in black, her answers in red, and my responses in green!!
Icy Cold Reads 
Name you blog Under: Emz
Blog Name: Icy Cold Reads
Favorite Genres: Hmmm, basically anything YA, except for horror.
Interesting facts about you: My name really isn’t Emz (no duh), it’s actually Emily, but you can still call me Emz. I’m a 15 year old sophomore (in high school) from New Jersey. Oh, and I love books (another no brainer).
Any fav books or authors you want to mention? Hahaha, not unless you want this post to go on and on forever. But favorite book of the moment is definitely The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
Favorite color? It varies, but it’s usually blue or purple/lavender.
(I need to mention the awesomeness of her button! Isn't it gorgeous?!)

So what was the factor that pushed you over the edge to getting a blog? Did you wake up one morning and hit the create button or did you think about it for days? Anything you wish you could change?

The factor that pushed me to the edge? Halloween being canceled and rescheduled because of Hurricane Sandy. I thought about it for a day, went to bed, then woke up and hit the create button. I wish I did more research before I started. I also wish I thought of a better blog name. But hey, having a whole unplanned week off of school can make you make rash decisions to satisfy your boredom.

2.) Are there any other teen bloggers out there who you want to give a shout out to?

Well, first of all YOU, then there’s Zoë at Zoë’s Book Blog, Jessica at Just Another Teen Reading Books, and Kaitlin at Reading is My Treasure. (If I missed anyone, I’m sorry).

(MEEEE!!!! CLAPPING FOR MYSELF!!! And I love those other blogs!!! So much fun to stalk browse them!!!)

How do you manage to have a blog with school? I mean you probably have loads of homework and extracurricular activities! How do you juggle it all?

I try to have a schedule, but the key is prioritizing and being flexible (to-do lists help too). Fridays and the weekend are all about the blog (for the most part). I usually write and schedule all the posts for the week that’s coming up on those days. School owns the rest of the week (usually). But if I have a huge project due on Monday… the blog will be pushed aside until I finish the project.

(That's so smart! I always leave thing until last minute!!!)

Let's check your imagination! Go and pick a random follower and tell me their life's story! If you don't want to do them you can do me! And feel free to make it all up or if you want to be a detective....  DO IT!!!

Umm, can I just say I lack a working imagination and good detective skills at this time?

(Haha! It's alright! It in no way changes how much I adore you or your blog!)

Now I'm sure that as a teen you want to take over the world. I mean what teen doesn't? So if there was a massive rebellion, what role would you play?
-The evil leader who is trying to squash the rebellion
-The rebel leader who instructs everyone and gives the commands. 
-The rebels oh so sweet best friend who supports that rebel!
-The dog trainer who sets dogs on either the rebels or the evil leader depending on your mood...
-The neutral person. You wouldn't care. What happens, happens. 

The bestie of the rebel who is known to be supportive.

YES!!! Good choice!! 

Okay on your blog’s about page you mention having several other names before Icy Cold Reads! Care to tell me what one of those names are? 

Well, when I created it I didn’t intend for it solely to be a book blog so it was Books, Art, and Other Interesting Stuff. Then I realized books were going to be the main topic... So I changed it to Reading in a Hurricane. But that seemed a bit insensitive because even though I wasn’t that affected by Hurricane Sandy, lots of other people were. Add a few random names in between that are not forgotten and the rest is history.

(I love the name you have right now and I really like Reading in a Hurricane! But I totally get that that would have been insensitive!)

Okay your blog design is beautiful…. And you did it all yourself! Can I have your brain??? How did you learn how to do such incredible designs??

Aww, thanks, but no, you cannot have my brain - I am a bit nervous about parting with it (I need it for school). Well, Blogger did a lot the actual designing for me. All I had to do was pick stuff like the background and the color theme. As for the other stuff, most of them came from tutorials from other bloggers like Ashley at Nose Graze. (Her tutorials are awesome!)

(YES!! Love her tutorials!! They are so informative !! And I would give you half my brain and you could give me half of yours!! Just the blogging half please!!)

Okay grab the book closest to you. Flip it upside down. Close your eyes and flip to a random page then point. Read the quote and share your thoughts!

“Things went wrong immediately.” – The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Uh oh. That is never good, especially with Percy’s luck…

(So true!! I still haven't read that book yet!! I really need to!!) 

So in the upcoming weeks there are like a gazillion books coming out! Any that you’re dying to read?

Yes! United We Spy by Ally Carter. It’s the last of the Gallagher Girls series. :’( And then there’s House of Hades by Rick Riordan…

(I predict a book filled future!!!!)

Okay what is your favorite animal? Would you consider living on a farm with said animal?

My favorite animal is a tiger so I would not really consider living on a farm with it unless it was tame…

Tigers are so pretty!! Have you read The Tiger's Curse? That's about tigers (if you couldn't already tell!)

What is your dream job? Is it bookish or something completely different?

My dream job would definitely be something that involves books, but all the other details are a bit fuzzy right now.

(That would definitely be cool! If you ever decide to own a bookstore, I WILL BUY YOU OUT!!)

12.) If you could speak one language in the world (besides English) what would it be?

I would have to say French because that would make French class so much easier at school (although I have no idea why I would take it, if I was already fluent in it).

(J'adore lire! Pourqui? Il est tres amusant! That is the extent of my french and I've been taking it for three years now! I would love to be fluent!!!)

Cat or Dog

Dog for sure.


Ebook or Physical copy


Light or Dark

I wouldn’t be on the dark side, but usually I prefer dark (except when it comes to chocolate. White chocolate for the win!)

Monkey or Goat

Umm, monkey?

Time or Distance

Time, even though time and I have issues to work out (it keeps running away from me!)


Best Teen blogging Friend

This girl named Fly to the Sky at Read Books and Live Green…

(Awww! *Giggles* I feel so special!! You're my best bloggy friend too!!!) 

Okay so what do you think of Emz?? Are you going to go stalk her blog and read her amazing posts?! YOU SHOULD!!!
And you should also tweet her! She's very friendly!!!

SO, another teen blogger! Have you made any new friends yet???? How do you feel about Emz? Go bother her now!!! =D


  1. Aw, thank you! United We Spy! I'm really excited to read it! I do love your blog design Emz! It looks really good! And physical books, I love them more than ebooks too! Great interview!

  2. Love the interview!! I need to check out those tutorials from Nose Graze. They would be so helpful.

  3. Okay, she has the CUTEST graphic for her blog! I love penguins! ;)

  4. It was fantastic to get to know more about Emz! Her blog button is very cute. I am loving this feature because it is awesome to find other teen bloggers. Really great interview!

  5. Hi :)
    This is a bit random but I've tagged/nominated you for Liebster Award! You can find the post about here:
    I hope you don't mind me tagging you and of course have fun!


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