Teens Take Over

(The AMAZING banner was made by Emz over at Icy Cold Reads who is not only one of the coolest bloggers around, but one of the nicest people too!! I mean she puts up with me, doesn't she!! She's also a teen so it fits so well with this post!!!)


Em @ The YA Book Butterfly (That's the interview and if you want to read the segment that I decided against doing, you can see it here)
Emz @ Icy Cold Reads
Jessica @ Just Another Teen Reading
Benedicte @ Bimsebamse's Book Reviews
Arial @ In Italics

So if you follow me on Twitter you may have heard about this new feature I'm starting! And if you don''t follow me on Twitter, then please GO AWAY! (I KID! PLEASE STAY!!!)


Anyhow, I've been blogging for (hang on I need to count)
FOR FIVE MONTHS!!!(I am not going to update this number every month so this is as of The beginning of September!) But in that time span it really took me a while to fall into a bloggy group. Why, you may ask? Because you know I am so friendly!! :-) Well you see blogging is a bit cliquey... Not in a bad way because EVERYONE is super nice, but finding a friend is sooooo hard..... especially a friend who is your own age!!

Thus this beautiful and lovely feature was born!
You see I'm a teen and I am looking to meet other teen book bloggers who share the same passion as me! (Gosh this sounds like a dating service doesn't it?)

MY GOAL: To share some amazing book bloggers with the world! I want others to be able to meet other awesome teens! 

How I'm going to do this: So you must be wondering how on Earth I'm going to manage this and make it remain fun! (Currently it sounds a bit boring doesn't it??) I mean, what am I going to do? LIST TEEN BOOK BLOGGERS???

Um no....

Do you realize how silly that would be? I want this to be fun. Something that people can look at and actually WANT to go check out the other bloggers. 

So here's my plan:

After doing a series of tweets asking for people to PLEASE help me out here and do an interview I got a huge response! Seriously I have enough interested people until December!! (This makes me grin like a maniac!)

So obviously you're sitting there thinking: INTERVIEW? Wow, I read a bajillion of those each day. What makes yours so special that it's going to stand out? I mean really, get a grip.

Well that's one approach to it, but currently I'm trying to think of unique FUN questions. I mean sure there are going to be some run of the mill ones, but I'm trying to spice it up a bit too!


Beyond the interview I plan to do something fun and creative... something of which I can not yet disclose to the public.... why because it's not set yet... but I'm working on it... and when I figure it out then I willl update this lovely page!

So When is this going down?
Good question. It will begin on September 7th! Yes that is this Saturday.... Yes I know there wasn't much promoting and other.... stuff! DON'T HURT ME!!!

How long will each teen blogger be featured?
Each teen courageous enough to endure my questions will be featured for the entire weekend! Yes you heard right there folks!! THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!!! On the Saturday the interview will go up... and then Sunday the super secret second half will appear!! 

How do you pick the bloggers?
I don't. Every blogger who applies will be featured. It's based on a first come first serve basis. So basically I send out the first email to you just giving you the run down on what exactly Teens Take Over is all about. I ask you to then respond to the email as a confirmation and I do it by confirmation order from then on! 
So if I emailed you on the 8th and you replied the 10th and I emailed someone else the 9th and they replied the same day, they get the earlier slot. 
Got it????

How can I sign up?
You... you... mean you actually want to do this? That is so touching! I am ALWAYS open to bloggers wishing to be featured!!! All I ask from you is that you fill out the Google docs form that should be located down below! MY ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU'RE A TEEN!! I'm sorry all you lovely adults!! (Although if enough adult bloggers were interested I might consider doing a feature for them too! I don't want to be an age discriminator!!!)

When you say adults aren't allowed does that mean that because I'm 19 and legally and adult I can't participate?
Dude please.....When I say teens I mean any and all teens if your age ends with the word teen that is cool and I would love to have you featured.
AND if you're younger... say like 12 or 11 or 10...that is so awesome I have no words for it.... Seriously, if you want I WOULD LOVE to pick your mind about the joys of being such a young joy filled blogger!!

Why did you name this feature "Teens Take Over"? I mean, really, you are so not going to be able to take over anything.....
Basically I called this Teens Takes Over because it is teens who will be "taking over" my blog for the day. For all intensive purposes they will be taking over! Also maybe this will be the beginning to my dream of world domination.... *sigh*

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  1. The banner looks really nice! Emz did a really good job with it!


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